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HTC Vertex pops up in benchmarks, might bring a slice of One X muscle to tablets

HTC has been stoking the fires of anticipation for its return to tablets, and that small flame is quickly turning into a full conflagration. A slab nicknamed the Vertex has surfaced in benchmarks with a 1.3GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 and a 1,280 x 752 usable...
by 2dayBlog on Jul 13, 2012

HTC confirms One X multitasking tweaks in Sense 4

There’s been quite a bit of brouhaha over at xda-developers lately about changes HTC’s made to the way multitasking behaves on the One X compared to stock Ice Cream Sandwich. We’re not just talking about obvious UI tweaks here &#...
by Mob-99 on May 17, 2012

PSA: AT&T’s HTC One X now in stock, get it while it’s frosty

While the AT&T One X is getting some flack for being blocked from HTC’s bootloader unlocking program, the good news is that it’s officially available starting today. So long as you’re not fazed with having Sense 4 sprinkled on...
by Mob-99 on May 7, 2012 chiude e cancella i dati : Nuova piattaforma in arrivo per smartphone serie One

Brutta notizia per tutti o quasi tutti i possessori di smartphone HTC. Dopo poco più di un anno chiude il sito di Sul sito ufficiale compare il messaggio che potete vedere nell’immagine sovrastante che invita tutti coloro che p...
by The future of smartphone on Mar 28, 2012

HTC rolls out Sense 3.6 to the Nordics, Sensation users get first crack at ICS

That’s right, folks, HTC is finally rolling out Sense 3.6 — Ice Cream Sandwich for HTC’s “legacy devices” — in a limited campaign. Who are the lucky folks to be among the first to enjoy the upgrade? Owners of the S...
by 2dayBlog on Mar 14, 2012

HTC’s first ICS update rolls out in late March to most of their top range droid phones

Ice Cream Sandwich is slowly trickling out to the masses, but we’re still waiting on the major phone vendors to come out with their own tweaks of the latest Android dessert. We’ve known that HTC’s busy plugging away at its Sense-ifi...
by 2dayBlog on Feb 10, 2012

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