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HUGE Change Coming for non SSL Traveler Customers

This was to go into effect on January 1, 2017 but IBM has relented, edit is from yesterday, so you have 3 months, and not a nightmare on January 2nd to return to from vacation.IBM published this Technote which lays it all out in black and white:...
by Lotus Evangelist on Dec 17, 2016

Looking Back on 5 Years and Forward as an IBM Champion

"We've got five years, what a surpriseWe've got five years, my brain hurts a lot"..David Bowie, Five YearsIBM has granted me another year as their ambassador. Well, me and 122 other friends and colleagues. You can read the announcement here. Congratu...
by Lotus Evangelist on Dec 16, 2016


TIME 2 BOYCOTT THESE COMPANIES WHO WILLINGLY WANT 2 HELP TRUMP BUILD A #MUSLIM #REGISTERY Facebook: No answer. Microsoft: “We’re not going to talk about hypotheticals at this point,” and a link to a company blog post that states that “we’r...
by The Politics of Everything on Dec 2, 2016

Erich Bloch, Who Helped Develop IBM Mainframe, Dies At 91

shadowknot writes: The New York Times is reporting (Warning: may be paywalled; alternate source) that Erich Bloch who helped to develop the IBM Mainframe has died at the age of 91 as a result of complications from Alzheimer's disease. From the articl...
by Futuristic Car Design on Dec 2, 2016

IBM To Pay More Than $30 Million in Compensation For Census Fail

IBM will pay more than $30 million in compensation for its role in the bungled census, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has indicated. From a report: The Prime Minister described the four Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that ca...
by Remote Network on Nov 25, 2016

A medicina irá avançar mais nos próximos 10 anos do que avançou nos últimos 100

Mark Zuckerberg e sua esposa, Priscilla Chan, anunciaram recentemente um esforço de US $ 3 bilhões para curar todas as doenças durante a vida de sua filha, Max. No início […]...
by Suprimatec on Nov 11, 2016

IBM erklärt warum Macs gar nichts so teuer sind – zumindest für Unternehmen

Fletcher Previn, der „IT Guy“ von IBM hat laut Business Insider das Unternehmen, welches den PC erfand in ein „Apple Mac Haus“ verwandelt. Das spare dem Unternehmen einiges an Kosten, auch wenn die Anschaffung der Geräte erst einmal teurer s...
by Sir Apfelots Apple Blog on Oct 26, 2016

IBM Walkin Bangalore on 06th 7th october 2016

IBM Walkin Bangalore for Freshers as Technical Support Associate on 06th 07th October 2016, Candidate Must Have Good... The post IBM Walkin Bangalore on 06th 7th october 2016 appeared first on Browse Jobs.
by browsejobs on Oct 4, 2016

See the Future You Want to See

IBM recently announced the continued support for Notes and Domino through the year 2021. As we transition to the Cloud, and Verse becomes more prominent, it is not surprising that we reach this apex.Remember cc:mail? What about the IBM Notes Server?
by Lotus Evangelist on Sep 15, 2016

IBM Walk-in-Interview at Hyderabad for Fresher’s

IBM Walk-in-Interview at Hyderabad for Fresher’s walk-in-interview 2016 notice for freshers job is conducted on 26-07-2016 to 30-07-2016. Candidates can view more details about IBM walk-in-interview at official website Candidates may a...
by on Jul 26, 2016

NEWSHOUR BOOKSHELF - "Rise of the Rocket Girls"

"The unsung women heroes of America's space program" PBS NewsHour 6/30/2016ExcerptSUMMARY:  They were living, breathing, walking, talking calculators who were key to America's early space program.  And they were women — and largely forgot...
by Mage Soapbox on Jul 4, 2016

The Rise of the Nazis

Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in January 1933 and drove Jews, many of whom were Communist, out of German government positions. As a result, in July 1933, the Jews held a World Conference in Amsterdam and demanded the reinstatement of ever...
by Summer in December on Jun 20, 2016

IBM Engineer Builds a Harry Potter Sorting Hat Using 'Watson' AI

An anonymous reader writes: As America celebrates Father's Day, The Next Web reports on an IBM engineer who found a way to combine his daughters' interest in the Harry Potter series with an educational home technology project. Together they built a H...
by Remote Network on Jun 19, 2016

UNIX®: Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership

By The Open Group The value of UNIX, as a technology and as a standard, has clearly been significant over its 45-year history as a technology and its 20-years as an open standard leading to tremendous innovation across numerous industries.  …...
by The Open Group Blog on Jun 16, 2016

Former IBM China employee allegedly tried to sell stolen source code, charged with economic espionage

Former IBM software engineer working in China has been charged with six counts of economic espionage and theft of trade secrets, Reuters reports today. The employee, 30-year-old Xu Jiaqiang, is accused of using his access as a developer to steal and...
by BMT on Jun 15, 2016

The Drill Down 426: Google I/O 2016

This week, all the best from Google’s developer conference, Twitter lets you tweet longer,  an artificially intelligent lawyer (make up your own jokes there), 50 times faster storage from IBM [...] The post The Drill Down 426: Google I/O 2016 appe...
by Geeks of Doom on May 20, 2016

Chase Coleman Sells Autohome, IBM in 4th Quarter

The following is a report of most important sales by Chase Coleman during 4th quarter.Read full article...
by The Extra Income on Mar 20, 2016

Hertz Had Sheriffs On Hand the Day It Cut IT

dcblogs writes: About 300 Hertz IT employees, most located in Oklahoma City, are being impacted [by] a decision to expand its outsourcing to IBM. About 75 will be hired by IBM and those workers [are expected] to receive offers this week while others...
by Futuristic Car Design on Mar 12, 2016

Guru Stocks With High Business Predictability

The following is a report of most important companies held by gurus that have a high business predictability.Read full article...
by The Extra Income on Mar 8, 2016

IBM Mainframe CICS System Programer Openings 2016

Company Name: IBMAbout Company: IBM has been present in India since 1992. IBM India's solutions and services span all major industries including financial services, healthcare, government, automotive, telecommunications and education, among others. A...
by Know A Job on Mar 7, 2016

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