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2011 Schwallie Family Scholarship Program, USA

Schwallie Family Scholarship Program 2011, USA by The Organization for Autism Research for post-secondary education. Study Subject: Any Employer: The Organization for Autism Research Level: Undergraduate Scholarship Description: The Organization for...
by on Apr 12, 2011

Visual Perception Treatment for Autistic Children

Autism effects every child differently, so it is difficult to find the exact treatments your child needs to cope with his or her symptoms. One thing that effects some autistic children (though, not all) is problems with visual perception. By using so...
by Better You Blog on Dec 30, 2010

Autism is genetic (?)

Because many different incapability s can result in autism, this question is complex. Certainly, incapability s such as the fragile X syndrome and tuberous sclerosis, which are both linked with autism, are inherited. There are many families with more...
by viertech - your lovely family on Apr 15, 2010

Overview of autism

Autism is a developmental incapability that is characterized by damage development in communication, social contact communication, and behavior. Autism is grouped as a pervasive developmental incapability aka PDD, which is element of a wide-rangin...

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