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IE 9 Doesn't Require 7 SP1

Update: Microsoft reached out to us via email saying that IE9 will run on either Windows 7 RTM or Service Pack 1. It seems like IE9 could come out earlier than next year, and won’t actually require SP1 to work;I want to follow up to let you know th...
by TECHNO GADGET on Sep 19, 2013

From Vista to Windows 8 Pro

I felt the need to write about my experience, in the past few days, of running Windows 8 Pro. The new operating system compares to nothing I have used until now on a home laptop and it has definetely seurpassed all of my expectations. To set the reco...
by Web and Other on Jan 24, 2013

Top Most Fastest and Popular Web Browsers for Windows, Mac, Mobile OS, Laptops & Desktop PC's

According to the recent study conducted by a company called "New Relic" to determined Which Web Browser is Most Fastest and Most Popular for Windows, Mac OS X, Mobile OS, Laptops and Desktop PC's?. The Web Browsers which were included i...

Microsoft retiró las aplicaciones de Facebook y Twitter para Xbox 360

Con la nueva actualización de la interfaz de Xbox 360 (que incluirá Xbox Music), la cual está llegando a diferentes partes del mundo desde la semana pasada, Microsoft decidió retirar las aplicaciones de Facebook y Twitter para la consola. Claro,...
by Syncker on Oct 22, 2012

Internet Explorer 9(Honest version)

The post Internet Explorer 9(Honest version) appeared first on Funniest Corner.
by Funniest Corner on Oct 5, 2012

IE’s browser share recovers, Chrome down for third straight month

T Sign of a Microsoft turnaround, or just a calculation change by metrics company? Computerworld – Internet Explorer posted another major gain in share last month, the second in the first quarter of the year, perhaps signaling a turnaround in M...
by mctsvideo on Apr 3, 2012

Chrome superó a Internet Explorer

Chrome superó a Internet Explorer.Finalmente, el navegador de internet Google Chrome superó a Internet Explorer de Microsoft. Aunque sucedió sólo por unas horas, el navegador de Google, Chrome, fue el más utilizado a nivel mundial. El domingo pa...
by Planeta Ip! on Mar 21, 2012

Does a Mozilla smartphone/tablet OS have a chance against Android and iOS?

If Mozilla has teamed up with a hardware partner (or partners) then it’s serious about B2G, and if it’s serious about B2G, then it’s also serious about going head-to-head against Apple and Google. Best Microsoft MCTS Certification, Microsoft MC...
by mctsvideo on Feb 27, 2012

Como descargar Internet 9 gratis

Ya ha salido Internet Explorer 9, la última versión del navegador de Microsoft. Esta nueva versión presenta muchas novedades y un aspecto vivo y renovado. Entre las principales novedades como ya hemos dicho son la renovada interfaz, la aceleració...
by Internet on Feb 9, 2012

Microsoft crea una versión de Internet Explorer 9 para niños

Microsoft, en colaboración con el centro de protección infantil Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) de Reino Unido, ha lanzado una versión de su navegador Internet Explorer 9 pensada para los niños. Se trata...
by Ecuapana Tecnizone on Feb 9, 2012

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