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Strange Hostels and Surviving Concepción

I watched as the perfectly symmetrical cone shaped volcano appeared in the distance. Isla Ometepe lay ahead as we rocked back and forth on the gentle waves of Lago Nicaragua. After I had hurriedly passed through Leon and Grenada, I was looking for...
by Life in a Sack on Mar 4, 2016

Best Travel Blogs: The Travel Tester Favourites July 2015

Read The Travel Tester’s handpicked best travel blogs in this month’s overview of articles written by our favourite travel bloggers from all around the world. Tune... You just finished reading Best Travel Blogs: The Travel...
by The Travel Tester on Jul 30, 2015

Experience Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

Universal Traveller – Travelling Around the World Isla Ometepe is an island in the Lake Nicaragua. During an island tour you may visit Punta Jesus, a narrow strip of sand where you can see beautiful sunsets, the national reserve Charco Verde, the n...
by Universal Traveller on Jan 23, 2014

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