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Ariel vs. Ben

I had Tayjon and James do some inside fighting during their sparring time.  The boys had to keep one foot inside the tire in the gym as they duked it out.  James got popped a couple of times, landing on the floor.  As he got up slowly,...
by Boxing Mid-Life on Jul 28, 2016

A Gym Full Of Cousins

Now Kishaun doesn't want to jump rope in addition to not wanting to shadow box.  "I don't like jumping rope," he told Rocky.  Both Rocky and I explained that jumping rope is for stamina, coordination, and footwork.  But Kishaun kept co...
by Boxing Mid-Life on Aug 16, 2015

Jump rope, a fun and economical alternative to burn calories

If you are working hard to get the body into shape and need a little change in the middle of the routine, perhaps you can jump rope, a fun and economical alternative to burn calories and at the same time, winning tone in different muscles of the body...
by How To Exercise at Home on Mar 19, 2015

Giraffe jumping rope

by Funny Pictures on Jan 10, 2015

Favorites From The 2013 Gift Guide: Awesome Gifts For Kids

Gifts For Baby [FIRST ROW] Cable Knit & Luxe Faux Fur Bunting ($49, on sale for $39). Pirates and Mermaid Rattles ($14-$20). [SECOND ROW] Baby Shark Slippers ($34). Striped Flower Rattle ($29, on sale for $21.95). Horse Mobile ($139) by Artist...
by The Mindful Shopper on Dec 8, 2013

Led Jump Rope

Become A FunVisorSome of the activities we have led and/ hope to do are: • Jump Rope • Sharks and Minnows • All Grade Flag Football • Tennis-Hitting balls against the backboard … Visit Document Climbing Walls And Jump Ro...
by Technology Retail on Dec 22, 2012

Heart Health at Home – Dig Out Your Jump Rope

When you mention jump ropes, your first thought might be of little kids on the playground, skipping and chanting together. If you think about it a bit longer, you might move on from this nostalgic image to picturing pro athletes or boxers training in...
by Best Burning Fat Info on Aug 26, 2012

Top 5 Best Cardio Exercises

There a lot ways to keep you stay healthy. In this modern world, people dont have time to exercise. So you know what cause many disease right. So here i want to share with you. The best top 5 cardio exercise. You can do it at home. 1. Running 2. Swim...
by Animangazone Online on Feb 22, 2012

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