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Hayata Merhaba

by kadim komplo on Apr 8, 2011

What an Amazing Year – 1 Year of My Site

Well all, it has been a year. Yes, one year ago (okay, technically 364 days ago, but who is counting) I started this blog as a spin off of my girlfriends. Yep, more or less, I created it to make fun of her. Man, how time changes things. From a fun bl...
by Whalertly on May 3, 2009

Meet the new license, same as the old license

I am horrified. Deeply horrified.Design is important. Design says something about the institution. It gives you the flavor of what it represents. So while many people may think of the driver's license as an ordinary, matter of fact document, it's des...
by Whalertly on Apr 12, 2009

A proposal for a truly non-partisan, modern elections system for Ohio

Hello all, Kadim here. Barga has been kind enough to allow me to post on the blog.You have likely heard by now State Senator Husted's (now candidate for Secretary of State) plan for a bi-partisan redistricting commission as well as a bi-partisan elec...
by Whalertly on Apr 3, 2009

Authors and Adsense

Before we start, I have a countdown that I am starting on the left side of the page. It count's down until I reach the second-to-last landmark in a young persons life. There is 13, 16, 18, 21, and then 25. 21 is in 12 days so wootMoving On, if you de...
by Whalertly on Mar 1, 2009

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