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Kanye West Behind Zacari Nicasio Mic Grab From Sara Gilbert At 2016 People’s Choice Awards?

Zacari Nicasio was the bold young man who stormed the stage at the 2016 People’s Choice Awards and grabbed the mic from Sara Gilbert. Nicasio didn’t get to stay on stage long because the women of The Talk chased him down. Now some think Kanye Wes...
by Celebrity Dirty Laundry on Jan 7, 2016

Kayne West to Honor Video Vanguard Award 2015

While we break that news that Miley Cyrus will host the MTV Music Award 2015, it has been confirmed that Kayne West will be receiving this year’s most honorable award this year- Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. The event will be taking pla...
by Popify on Aug 26, 2015

Kayne West Wishes His Kim Kardashian Could Be Pregnant all Year Long!

Kayne West has been giving out a lot of information related to his sex life with Kim Kardashian- according to the reports in US. Kayne West is an all-time extoller for his wife’s growing curves, and thinks Kim K look sexier than ever. The rapper ha...
by Popify on Aug 22, 2015

‘Anonymous’ Message To Kanye West

Someone claiming to be from the “Anonymous” Hacktivist Collective has now targeted Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian and criticize and accuse them in several points.
by The All Day Blog on Mar 13, 2015

North West Wearing Fur.

The genius fashion troll responsible for dressing people up like Laura Ashley sausages at his New York fashion show spilled out another design of ridiculous yesterday – his daughter North West dressed in fur. Yes, I believe that’s a dead...
by News Media Images on Feb 13, 2015

Kanye West to work as a fashion lecturer

Instead of picking up rubbish Kanye West may satisfy his community service by teaching at a fashion school. TMZ reports that the rapper is seen on the Trade Technical College in Los Angeles. In March, West was sentenced to community service for 250 h...
by on Jun 25, 2014

Kim Kardashian Vogue :New photos with Kanye West and North unveiled !

Magzinews Kim Kardashian vogue : While A Vogue with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian was unveiled this March 21 , new pictures appear , featuring the whole family . The shot of the year for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Just weeks before their wedding...
by magzinews on Mar 24, 2014

kim kardashian body Beauty: the price of her youth estimated at $ 300,000 !

MagzinewsKim Kardashian Body Beauty: In her third marriage , the famous Kim would rebuild their youth. Finally, the beauty was indeed a price and it would be $ 300,000 for our U.S. Bimbo 33 years ! She runs, she runs the rumor … But is it true?
by magzinews on Mar 7, 2014

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: we know the date of their wedding!

MagzinewsKim Kardashian and Kanye West: we know the date of their wedding The festivities will happen very soon ! Save the date ! Five months after the application of surprise Kanye West Kim Kardashian wedding, the couple finally seems to have stoppe...
by magzinews on Mar 6, 2014

Kanye West dancing on tables

You see him laugh often, but last Friday laughed Kanye West teeth exposed. The singer was dancing and with his arms in the air on the tables of the DJs of the Parisian nightclub Club 79. In photographs of Mirror is to see that he very much fun. Seeme...
by on Jan 20, 2014

“Kanye West is not so in diapers’

Kim Kardashian does not expect Kanye West that he is the baby’s diapers North changed frequently. “He’s not so keen on diapers and that’s fine,” said the socialite in the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres . “He would do...
by on Jan 18, 2014

Kayne West YouTube Porn & Our Children Protect Family Values Work From Home Moms, Blogging, Social Media & Mom Inventor I know there are many people in the world who have no moral compass at all to  lead them. Obviously Kayne West and Kim... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my web...
by Mompreneur Mogul on Nov 20, 2013

Kayne West Cheated With Canadian Model Says Star.

You know, if Kim Kardashian had actually been born in Armenia I swear we’d have an ‘At Home with the Shepherds’ reality show, really I do! Anyways, lets get down to business. As many of you will already know, Kim’s relationshi...
by News Media Images on Jun 12, 2013

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Spend Easter in Paris - 02/04/2013

Pregnant Kim Kardashian with his rapper boyfriend kanye west enjoying romantic dinner at Ferdi Restaurant in Paris on Easter, Tuesday April 2, 2013, Paris, France.Kim Kardashian in Paris - 02/04/2013...

Kim Kardashian: Even Photoshop Can’t Save Her Now.

My stomach heaves every time I see trash cans in Louboutins like Kim Kardashian getting paid millions for acting the fool. It’s true, I would totally suck a vodka-soaked ice cube out of Paul Gascoigne’s backside if I ever thought KimR...
by News Media Images on Jul 18, 2012

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