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Kendall Jenner Is She the Biggest Star of The Kardashians?

Kendall Jenner : Kendall Jenner is again a “Vogue”-cover. This time on the issue in Japan.   Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian are the best-known members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. But while the 35-year old...
by Celebs Social on Aug 23, 2016

Kendall Jenner Strikes Back Against Stephanie Seymour

Kendall Jenner : Are Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid the light girls for the moment, how to find Stephanie Seymour? There‘s the answer.   Although Kendall Jenner, 20, to the general public is not nearly...
by Sizling People on Jun 17, 2016

Why Kendall Jenner Waives $ 10 Million

Kendall Jenner : Kendall Jenner has decided to abandon its lawsuit against a company of treatments laser which was used without its agreement his image   For many months, Kendall Jenner appears in one of the most...
by Sizling People on May 5, 2016

What Barack Obama Asked To Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner : Kendall Jenner was part of the many personalities invited to share the White House correspondents dinner Saturday night. The young model has praised president Barack Obama, who asked him a small service in...
by Sizling People on May 1, 2016

Kendall Jenner In Paris Fashion Week

Kendall Jenner : Kendall Jenner presented two creations at the Elie Saab show in Paris. In a Gothic-inspired dress, she ended the show.   She of just super – in the truest sense of the... The post Kendall Jenner In Paris Fashion Week appea...
by News Carnage on Mar 6, 2016

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