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Axe Felling

Felling in a mono culture of Ash with not even as much as a pigeons nest in it,  on the top of the South Downs earlier this week using the traditional axe & saw method, although the tools used, compared to those used in the past, would be consid...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Mar 14, 2014

Feather Sticks

Had a spare five minutes today, so decided it was time to practice making feather sticks, this one is probably the best of the lot, made form a piece of inch thick Hazel.
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Aug 16, 2013

Hultafors Axe - First Impressions

It's been a few weeks now since i got my Hultafors axe and i thought i would jot down a few initial  thoughts on it, this post is in no way a review, as many people will know, i feel you cant review a product until you have used it for a good period...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Apr 4, 2013

Hultafors Axe

The latest addition to my stable of axes, a Hultafors Chopping Axe, 26 inch helve and a head weight of just under 2lb, with a 3 1/2" face, basically, it's the Hultafors equivalent to the GBA Scandinavian Forest Axe, but at a fraction of the cost...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Mar 18, 2013

Wetterlings Axe - Part 2

I made the time today to do up the Wetterlings axe i got on Wednesday and what a transformation it was. To start off with i coated the entire axe with paint stripper and let that do it's job, then once all the paint and varnish ahd been removed i...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Mar 1, 2013

Wetterlings Axe

Got this little beauty yesterday off my good mate Hugo on BCUK, the axe is a Wetterlings according to the sticker that's on it, but apart from that, i have no further details on it as to model or approx date of manufacture, it has a fifteen inch helv...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Feb 28, 2013

Long Handled Spoon Knife

I made this spoon knife a few months back from a Mora 163 Double Edge spoon knife, as i wanted/needed a spoon knife where i could apply more force and therefore torque to the cuts i was making when carving bowls and spoons. So, having made and now...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Feb 20, 2013

Mora Classic No.1

A little while ago i was sorting through the knife drawer and rediscovered my old Mora No.1, i used to love this knife and I used it all the time, as you can probably tell by the state of the handle. I cant remember exactly why i stopped using it, bu...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Feb 1, 2013

Card Wallets

When im out and about, i often get asked when im speaking to the general public about what im doing,  if i have a business card or the like on me so they can check out my website and blog when they get home, now whilst i have cards, i usually carry...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Feb 1, 2013

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