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The mystery of the missing hen boxes

 from Paudie's iphone in Jack Duggan's bar in Castlemaine How to be clear and concise in Kerry.
by A View from Kerry on Oct 13, 2012

I Miss the Old Vinals

Credit (but no fee) to Sean BanThis sign has graced a wall in Tralee for many a year. Unfortunately it has just been removed. This photo purely for posterity.
by A View from Kerry on Mar 20, 2012

Your moment of Zen

by A View from Kerry on May 20, 2010

Listowel for free !

from stockie in the munster bar tralee;I was just sinking a nice pint when I came across the above snippet from the Irish Times. No, I don't work for the old lady, but a free trip is a free trip.And Listowel is not too bad a place.Click the pic to en...
by A View from Kerry on May 17, 2010

Arabs can laugh too, it's true

from guest reporter  lar o'toole in the oyster tavern;Arabs get a bad press. Yet they are human too, and just as prone to making a fool of someone else.
by A View from Kerry on Apr 19, 2010

Listowel Writers Right

from agnes in freezers;Sorry for all the trouble.
by A View from Kerry on Apr 14, 2010

Listowel Writers Wrong

from agnes in john b keane's listowel;Oh my good God. I'm fast becoming a very nerdy, if not nasty, pedant. But what can I do? Even here in Kerry, land of wordsmiths, the plague of misspelling continues to wreak havoc. I could blame a primary sc...
by A View from Kerry on Apr 12, 2010

Blogging is dead.

from seanie in mccarthy's dingle;No it's not. Bloggers can use more than 140 letters. Not necessarily in the right order.
by A View from Kerry on Mar 31, 2010

Why Grandad didn't win at Irish Blog Awards - IBA10

from agnes in sean ogs;Wrong demographic.Wrong era.Wrong dress sense.Over 15.Pic of IBA delegates(!) robbed from White Rabbit NI...
by A View from Kerry on Mar 30, 2010

Fairy Cake - Darina v Dunnes

from mags in murphy's ice cream shop;Her majesty (4 and a half) was having a playdate with a neighbour's kid. (Neighbour = half mile away) Great excuse for me to bake! Dug out Darina Allen's new book and decided to make queen cakes and a cr...
by A View from Kerry on Mar 20, 2010

Losing a Son

from the editor at his desk;What a day. Death is in the air. Every sight and every sound.Bridie Dwyer lost a son. Also by suicide. He was tormented because of the actions of one Bill Carney. See Newstalk and BBC. She carries on with such strength. Sh...
by A View from Kerry on Mar 11, 2010

Young Women Die, So What

bloody cross 2, originally uploaded by Jo Naylor.from agnes in ashes camp;We now have the hand-wringing circus surrounding the death of Tracey Fay. It will go on for a few days, Liveline, weekend supplements, Sunday articles tv and radio talking head...
by A View from Kerry on Mar 6, 2010

American English Down the Men's Room, sorry, Toilet

from sean ban in the manhattan bar tralee;American English is getting worse. How impenetrable do you find the following piece of nonsense (I presume it's nonsense) from the web? NBC Deletes Message Board Overrun with Conan Separatists (and a Weird Ya...
by A View from Kerry on Mar 4, 2010

Discover Hidden Ireland, if you dare

from agnes in ulick's farranfore;This picture is from the US version of the Discover Ierland web campaign.No offence to Padraic, for I'm sure that it is he, but what hidden Ireland is he going to show me?A Magdalen laundry? A ghost housing estate? A...
by A View from Kerry on Mar 1, 2010

Irish Blog Awards - Not Nominated

from agnes in tadhgeen prendiville's castleisland;It came to my attention from twitter the the 2010 Irish Blog Award nominations have been published.How big is the list ? About 1,200 nominations. How many Sponsors? Around 17.Now far be it from me to...
by A View from Kerry on Feb 25, 2010

Eamonn Lillis Murder Lessons

Why get a divorce in Ireland? It takes far too long. We can learn a lot from the Eamonn Lillis trial. Why not invest in a bit of decking and leave a brick or two around. You will find that it will take only 5 years to be rid of your wife (7...
by A View from Kerry on Feb 5, 2010

Really Flushing Euros Down the Toilet

from stockie in blind piper caherdaniel;Imagine you are in charge of a town of 3,393 souls, all with bladders. Also imagine that the town has over 85 pubs, 2 hotels, many restaurants. Lots of places to relieve oneself. A town with surely enough toile...
by A View from Kerry on Feb 3, 2010

Pink - A Kerryman wakes up

from stockie at club headbangbang tralee;Good god.What a girl.Not being a follower of 'popular music' I was blissfully unaware of such talent. Pink at the Grammys.Beats Twink at the Gaiety...
by A View from Kerry on Feb 2, 2010

Joycean Defamation, A Blogger Apologises

Mr Joyce, money and Irelandfrom sean ban in the thatch bar lisselton;So now I must be very careful with every word printed here. I haven't got a spare €100k lying around. I wonder does it matter if this blog is not based in Ireland? If it is, can I...
by A View from Kerry on Jan 31, 2010

Suicide is Cheaper than Death by Car Crash

I make no apologiesfrom stockie in spillanes in the maharees;This country really needs a shake-up. Take driving (you could take smoking if you wish - see grandad). We can't drink, phone, speed, go slow. We pay road tax, VRT, VAT, duty and god kn...
by A View from Kerry on Jan 29, 2010

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