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3/4 Electric Guitar Reviews

3/4 Electric Guitar Reviews: A three-quarter size doesn’t really mean that the tone is anything toy-like. Here are some of the best ones to get them started young. Three Quarter vs Full Size Though your grown-up child could be insisting on a fu...
by Pro Learn Guitar on Aug 16, 2014

Guitar Lessons for Kids

Guitar Lessons for Kids: Here are useful tips and ideas that will ensure that your children stay on track and do not give up learning midway. We all know about the benefits of music, and I’m sure even you would want your children to learn music. Bu...
by Pro Learn Guitar on Jan 30, 2014

What Size Guitar is Good for a 6 year Old?

What size guitar is good for my 6 year old? This is a common question that most parents have. However, before you ask that question, its also important to consider what type of guitar your child wants (such as acoustic or electric). This is assuming...
by Pro Learn Guitar on Jan 13, 2014

Half Size Electric Guitar

Half Size Electric Guitar (30 to 32 inches): Why owning these make sense, and things to look for when buying one. Why Smaller Size? If your child already loves toy guitars and spends a lot of time on it, its…Read more →...
by Pro Learn Guitar on Dec 29, 2013

10 Tips for Parents To Keep Your Child Interested In The Guitar

(Written by Justin Miller) Learning how to play a musical instrument is a rite of passage for many children. Some parents choose the instrument that their kids will learn to play; other parents leave that decision up to the children. Of course, chi...
by ParentingInformer on Feb 8, 2013

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