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Book Giveaway- Monkey In Mind- 19 April 2016

Book Giveaway- Monkey In Mind- 19 April 2016 high octane adventure of a Thought MonkeyThis is a tale about a Thought Monkey called Monkey Tell whose task it is to deli...
by Humour, Ideas and Opinions on Apr 13, 2016


FREE KINDLE Books for Children- 13, 14 June 2014Mason Visits The Magical Universe (Mason and His Magic Adventures Series) [Kindle Edition]'s Movie Playbook with Games for Children from 5 to 11 Years (Mason a...
by Creative Writing and Books on Jun 12, 2014

Kindle Book Giveaway

Kindle Book Giveaway- 3, 4 November 2013Mason Goes On A Magical Jungle Adventure
by Humour, Ideas and Opinions on Nov 1, 2013

FREE Kindle Book Giveaway- 15, 16 September

Hello All,Please download my Five books for FREE on the 15, 16 September.Short Stories from Storydrome on Vampires, Love, Magic, Passion and Romance Hearts and Oth...
by Marketing For Millions on Sep 14, 2013

Kindle Book Give Away!

My next book is out!  Yay.  The Midnight Queen is the second book in the Prophets of Shadow series that started with The Twilight Saint.  If you want a free kindle copy of either book, let me know and I'll send you one! Aiela has s...

First September Two Free Amazon Kindle Books Giveaway

Get Two FREE Amazon Kindle Books as part of my 1st September Love and Romance Giveaway. You can download these Kindle books to your Computer or to your Kindle or Android device on the 1st of September only. Download your copies at the links give...
by Humour, Ideas and Opinions on Aug 31, 2012

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