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The farmer of Kotgarh

By SUSAN VISVANATHAN Feb 28 2014 The story of Samuel Evans aka Satyanand Stokes who brought new crops to Shimla. How I came across the farmer of Kotgarh is an interesting tale by itself. So bear me out before I … Continue reading →...
by KOTGARH on Jun 21, 2014

Places to stay in Kotgarh

Seetalvan Orchard Seetalvan Orchard, nestled in the tiny village-town of Kotgarh-Thanedar,  invites its guests to share a stunning panorama of the majestic western Himalayas.  It offers charming newly-built cottages that are an ideal blend of warm...
by KOTGARH on Apr 13, 2014

Unexplored Weekend Getaways

Jan 26, 2013 Hatu Peak near Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh This photo of Hatu Peak is courtesy of TripAdvisor NARKANDA, situated at an attitude of 2708 meters on the Hindustan Tibet road (NH – 22), Narkanda offers a spectacular view of snow …...
by KOTGARH on Dec 21, 2013

Top British Era Schools in Himachal

Read full article here 6. Gorton Mission School, Kotgarh Gorton Mission School in Kotgarh is claimed to be the oldest school in Asia. It was set up in 1843 by Christian Missionaries who had also built a church and hospital … Continue reading &#...
by KOTGARH on Dec 14, 2013


Originally called Sandoch and later Gurukot, little is known about its past before the Gurkhas came to world sway over the region during the early 19th century. The Gurkha rule ended in 1815 when British forces defeated Gurkha armies and … Cont...
by KOTGARH on Oct 21, 2013

Christianity In Kotgarh

On 22nd February 1910, at the Cathedral Church of the Resurrection in Lahore, Bishop George Alfred Lefroy (1854-1922) inaugurated the Brotherhood of the Imitation of Jesus. Reverend Samuel Stokes (1882-1946), an American missionary, became the provis...
by KOTGARH on Oct 14, 2013

Samuel Evans Stokes (Satyanand Stokes)

Kotgarh valley is famous for its world class quality apples. The apple cultivation of the place was initiated by Satyanand Stokes who was an American missionary. Samuel Evans Stokes, an American Missionary landed in Kotgarh in 1904 as a young …...
by KOTGARH on Oct 7, 2013

The Name KOTGARH : Root and Origin

Source : Urban vocabulary in Northern India Excerpt form the study: 1.7. Defence was one of the major rationales for founding towns. This could be walled settlements: kot/kotla (S) or garh (H/Marathi). An army c...
by KOTGARH on Sep 30, 2013

A postcard from Kotgarh

“This post card was written by my grand father in urdu which i found out later to a legal regd. notice for the recovery of loan .this was in 1904 and bears the postage stamp os king Edward who ruled … Continue reading →...
by KOTGARH on Sep 29, 2013

A Blast From The Past

A BLAST FROM THE PAST Reg letter – kotgarh – 1a QV perfin on 2a QV Registration Envelope 1902 Simla Registered to Kotgarh.
by KOTGARH on Sep 23, 2013

Starry Starry Night

- Millie Vanjape Most people rarely stop to gaze up, to see the wonder of the night sky, except maybe to wish upon a star, every once in a while. The myth goes, that when bodies die, they die; but … Continue reading →...
by KOTGARH on Sep 16, 2013

Sadhu Sunder Singh

They called him the great Indian Seer, born in a Punjab village in 1889; of mixed Sikh and Hindu stock; his early dislike of Christianity resulted in a symbolic burning of the Bible; soon after followed a vision of Jesus … Continue reading U...
by KOTGARH on Sep 9, 2013

The legend of Deota Melan or Chatur Mukh in Kotgarh

Source : THE INDIAN ANTIQUARY VOL-54 (1925) Author: EDWARDES ,C.I.E,BOMBAY Deota Melan or Chatur Mukh in Kotgarh – The Deota is believed to be one of the most powerful gods in these hills. He is the family of the Kot … Continue reading →...
by KOTGARH on Aug 24, 2013

Photographic Print & Lithograph – Kotgarh/Narkanda

Joomla 2.5 TemplatesFrom the archives of British Library : Photographer: Bourne, Samuel Medium: Photographic print Date: 1860 View of the dak bungalow overlooking the smaller village houses at Narkunda, from the Elgin Collection: ‘Spring Tours...
by KOTGARH on Aug 11, 2013

Artist’s painted canvas – kotgarh

The apple trees which he planted continue to reap a rich harvest even 100 years later. One can still see the ‘Starking Delicious’ apple orchard that he planted here. Kotgarh is a quaint scenic place. It offers marvelous walks through pine forests...
by KOTGARH on May 24, 2012

Life on a Spur

He encouraged me to walk on but my legs were failing me. The uphill trek was long and arduous and my un-exercised legs caved in. We were in the middle of the deodar forest and the air was thick with smell of pine and wild flowers. I closed my eyes an...
by KOTGARH on Feb 26, 2012

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