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İkizler trafiği kilitledi !

Haberin Fotoğrafları İçin Tıklayın – Gallery Defalarca “Dünyanın en seksi ikiz kardeşleri” seçilen Karissa ve Kristina Shannon kıyafet seçimleriyle trafiği kilitledi. Geçtiğimiz gece Beverly Hills’de yürürken paparazzi...
by Celebrities Exposed on Feb 9, 2016

The Shannon Twins

Last month a Salon in Beverly Hills had their grand opening and couldn't find anyone else on the planet available for that day so they had to have the Shannon Twins host it. Since appearing in Playboy these twins have had so much plastic surgery its...
by n-yo-face on Nov 24, 2015

These Ladies Got Back

The top picture is from 2009 and the main reason I posted it is to prove a point. Look there is no doubting the fact that the Shannon twins are extremely beautiful, you don't get to be in Playboy for being ugly. The issue here is the fact that the as...
by n-yo-face on Jul 18, 2013

Kristina Shannon Needs Help From Her Twin Sister

by Sexys Girl on Nov 8, 2012

Finally Kristina came out

 So here is the proof that the twin sister of Karissa finally came out of the closet. Last week Kristina was photographed while out and about with her girlfriend. Not only were they holding hands they were also sucking face while out to eat. Alt...
by n-yo-face on Jul 9, 2012

The Shannon Twins' Birthday At The Bank

Kristina and Karissa Shannon celebrated their birthday at The Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend! Talk about double trouble, the twins and their gorgeous posse partied the night away taking in the Bank's sensational setting. Resident DJ Ka...
by The Hills Gossip on Oct 4, 2011

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