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Learn English London : Speak Up

That’s correct; English stands as the global language which has now become the part of the human life. Let’s face this, there are thousands of languages yet English stands as the most popular and one of the most widely used language. It is imposs...
by Language School London on Jan 27, 2011

Learn English Brisbane : Learn It Better

So do you still think that whole concept of study abroad is a bubble right? You still think that it is going to die down soon? Well, think once before you actually arrive to any conclusion. Can a quarter million of the brightest students of the worl...
by Learn French In France on Jan 10, 2011

Learn English London: Speak And Stand Apart

So, you are contemplating to learn English? Perhaps yes since you are now aware of the fact that English is the global lingua franca. But have you considered, learning language where it’s being spoken and originated? Yes, we are talking about the c...
by Language School London on Aug 12, 2010

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