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celana jeans terbaru

siang agan agan semuanya, mau cari celana jeans? di sini aja, ane jamin di sini kami punya barang yang paling murah, yang paling bagus yang paling gampang belinya dan yang paling update produk produk terbaru, jadi gak usah ragu lagi gan, ini adalah t...
by fashion murah aja on Jul 24, 2014

Hazy Days

  Love ‘em or hate ‘em the hazy days of summer have set in. Some find the heat stifling on our little prairie city, but I welcome the one week a year where you can sit out on your patio in the lingering temps, well into the night. Ty...
by Cashmere & Camo on Jul 18, 2014

Its Time To Re Invent Things Which We Are Doing - Management Funda - N Raghuraman - 26th June 2014

वक्त आ गया है हम जो कर रहे हैं, उसका फिर आविष्कार करें मैनेजमेंट फंडा - एन. रघुरामन  पिछले साल ले...
by Gyan Ke Fundey on Jun 26, 2014


by baerlinerin on Jun 22, 2014

Chill day

Every time I think of school and the fact that it's about to start in a few weeks, the more I want to just chill and be lazy the whooole day. For sure when school starts, I'll be a very very busy man again.I'm trying my best to maximize my few remain...
by THE CONTEMPORARY BOY on Jun 6, 2014

Effortless approach

Just applying some of the things that I learned from a good ol friend of mine especially when it comes to styling yourself (gahd, I have to admit it..I learned a lot from him..seriously). The effortless approach of dressing up yourself, before I used...
by THE CONTEMPORARY BOY on Jun 2, 2014

Gilly Hicks Bluse

Ich habe kurz bevor der Laden im Centro endgültig geschlossen hat noch bei Gilly Hicks zugeschlagen, jetzt ist er aber zu und alle Gilly Hicks Sachen gibt es nur noch im Hollister zu kaufen.Unter anderen neben Wäsche durften auch 2 Blusen mit und e...
by Glitter & Glamour on May 14, 2014

Setelan Levis Celana Pendek

Bahan spandek Atasan : Panjang 62 cm Lingkar dada 86-96 cm Celana : Panjang 33 cm Lingkar pinggang 44-76 cm Warna : Merah, Hitam NB : Kemiripan asli dengan di gambar kurang lebih 95% Jangan disikat sewaktu mencuci Jangan dicuci … Continue readi...
by Liana Shop on Apr 26, 2014

Comfy Spring Outfit #2014BloggerChallenge

Now something that I don't do to often: an outfit post. As you could read in the title, it's a comfy spring outfit that I wore yesterday when I went for a walk with my boyfriend. If you expect a face full of makeup, that's not going to ha...
by Cristina's Beauty Box on Apr 22, 2014

Denim on Denim Dream

DO DENIM ON DENIM No, it doesn’t have to look like you’re off to the rodeo.  The trick is to mix fabric weights and washes. Try a light chambray shirt with dark skinny jeans, and layer with a fitted denim vest. Inject some glam with a pa...
by on Apr 3, 2014

kinny Garments For Boys 2014

kinny Garments For Boys 2014 weedings are for one and all,joyous,rituous and glamorous made in the wedding hall for all who dress, i know to impress,the prettiest is the “royal prince and princes” kinny Garments pvt.Ltd. is a much valued...
by aroundgirls on Mar 23, 2014

OUTFIT // No Sleep till Brooklyn

“No Sleep till Brooklyn” - an dieses Lied der Beasty Boys musste ich schon öfter denken, seit ich in meiner neuen Heimat angekommen bin. Wie bereits auf Facebook angekündigt, bin ich letzte Woche nach New York gezogen, um hier ein Prak...
by Zeitgeschmack Fashionblog on Mar 4, 2014

Pocket Levis

Bahan Kaos Panjang 65 cm Lingkar Dada 82-92 cm Warna : Biru, Hitam, Putih NB : Kemiripan asli dengan di gambar kurang lebih 95% Jangan disikat sewaktu mencuci Jangan dicuci dengan mesin cuci, agar pakaian lebih awet...
by Liana Shop on Jan 13, 2014

Levi's Madness SALE at Levi's MJ46 Outlet Center: Dec 14-15 2013

Get Levi's apparels & accessories for P600 or P1200 only!  Check out Levi's Madness Sale at MJ-46 Outlet Center  on Dec. 14 - 15, 2013 at Bicutan Paranaque.Read more »...
by Manila Shopper on Dec 12, 2013

Black Jeans

Traditionally black skinny jeans men originate from France where these were all male wear mostly preferred by politicians.Two days after that, another friend was raving about the new black Citizens of Humanity jeans that she just purchased at Circe.
by Style103 on Dec 4, 2013


The much anticipated new women's LEVI’S® Revel Denim has arrived!  And to celebrate this, LEVI’S® invited us to join them in their in-store launch in Berlin. To give us all a better view of the new Denim concept, Models were placed on a Run...
by Some Kind Of Style on Oct 9, 2013

Jam Tangan Levis Electro

Kode : Levis ElectroHarga Nett :Rp 135.000(Belum Termasuk Ongkos Kirim)* BEST SELLER *Jam Digital LedDiameter 4 CmTali KaretFree BoxWarna :Hitam, Putih, Biru Muda, Hijau, UnguJIKA ANDA BERMINAT & SERIUS ORDER, CARANYA DENGAN KETIK SMS :Order : Le...
by 29 Olshop on Sep 12, 2013

Levis yeni sezon bayan pantolon modelleri

Kot denildiğinde ilk olarak aklımıza gelen Levis yeni sezon bayan pantolon modelleri ile bu sezonda kadınların tercihlerinde yer almayı başaracaktır. Salaşlık modasını vurgulayan kot pantolon modelleri son yıllarda iş hayatının bazı...
by kahramankentli on Aug 22, 2013

Levis, London

Images Copyright Melvyn Vincent Those clever boys at Lucky Fox have been waving their magic over quite a few stores here in the West End lately and this one led by Levis is particularly interesting.  The Good Things Take Time to Make campaign...
by Retail Store Windows on Aug 4, 2013

Join #LEVISJEANSFEST and win up to P6,000 worth of GCs!!!

Hurry and join #LEVISJEANSFEST and who knows you might just win up toP6,000 worth of GCs. No purchase requirement necessary !
by Manila Shopper on Jul 21, 2013

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