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Richmond Park Donation Scandal Rocks the Green Party

An internal party report written by the Chair and two other senior members of Kingston Green Party, reveals that pressure was put on the two local parties which cover the Richmond Park constituency, not to stand a candidate in the recent by-election.
by London Green Left on Dec 6, 2016

Zac Goldsmith – Arrogant Prat gets his Comeuppance

With something like a swing of 22%, the Lib Dem candidate, Sarah Olney, won the Richmond Park by-election, overturning a Tory majority of over 23,000 votes at last year’s general election. Zac Goldsmith, resigned from the Tories (sort of) to protes...
by London Green Left on Dec 2, 2016

What Does Brexit Mean for the Left?

The vast majority of the broad political left in the UK campaigned to remain in the European Union (EU), at the referendum on the UK’s membership in June this year. The vote, of course, went the other way, and now the country must decide on the pre...
by London Green Left on Sep 2, 2016

‘Progressive Alliance’ - Just too many fault lines make it Doomed to Failure

Written by Charles GateCaroline Lucas is simply the most significant individual that the Green Party (England and Wales variety) has ever had and yet many in the party are having difficulty with her belief that a ‘Progressive Alliance’ (PA) is ei...
by London Green Left on Aug 29, 2016

Green Party Activists Voice Doubts about an Electoral Progressive Alliance

As counting begins in the Green Party leader and deputy leader elections, Caroline Lucas, one of the (joint) candidates for leader, has renewed her call for a progressive alliance of parties of the broad left at the next general election.But not all...
by London Green Left on Aug 26, 2016

If the Labour Party Splits, What is the Future for a Progressive Electoral Alliance?

The Labour Party Right, quite correctly were foiled in their attempt to keep the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, off the ballot paper for the upcoming party leadership election. The rules for a leadership contest when no vacancy exists, are pretty clea...
by London Green Left on Jul 13, 2016

Brexit – The UK in Crisis

Photo credit: The IndependentI must admit that I chuckled last Tuesday night as BBC TV Newsnight opened with the Sex Pistols punk rock classic Anarchy in the UK. But we are in a very serious political crisis at present, caused by the vote last week t...
by London Green Left on Jul 2, 2016

Should the Greens join a ‘Progressive Alliance’ at the next General Election?

In what is apparently the first of a series open letters to UK ‘progressive parties’ written by Neal Lawson, Chair of the Labour Party grouping ‘Compass’, and published at Open Democracy, argues that the Greens should join such an alliance.La...
by London Green Left on May 20, 2016

80% of Green Party Supporters want to Remain in the EU

An opinion poll by YouGov on the voting intentions of British people in the forthcoming referendum on membership of the European Union (EU), shows that 80% of those identifying themselves as Green Party supporters, will vote to remain in the EU. 20%...
by London Green Left on Mar 28, 2016

Greens are the most Left Wing Major Political Party in the UK

A survey was conducted by academics at Queen Mary University London and Sussex University (in association with YouGov) just after the General Election last year, seems to show that the voters in Britain think the Green Party is most left wing major p...
by London Green Left on Jan 16, 2016

Bombing Syria is Merely Gesture Politics

Photo from aljareeza.comI don’t often agree with what Max Hasting the ex-Daily Telegraph editor says, but I have to say he has played a blinder in the last week, with his sober and negative assessment of the case for bombing Islamic State (IS) in S...
by London Green Left on Dec 3, 2015

Thoughts on Caroline Lucas’s Progressive Alliance Proposal

The Green party MP for Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas writing in The Guardian yesterday called on Labour’s leadership hopefuls to embrace multi party politics and form a ‘progressive alliance’ ahead of the next general election due in 2020.
by London Green Left on Jun 18, 2015

Who Voted Green at the General Election?

The opinion pollsters got their General Election forecasts hopelessly wrong. So, one of them, YouGov has changed tack and asked after the event who they voted for, which is a safer bet! Seriously though, this study is a massive survey of 100,000 vote...
by London Green Left on Jun 8, 2015

The Voters of Hornsey and Wood Green are a Vengeful Bunch

Lynne FeatherstoneSo, along with 45 other Lib Dems, Hornsey and Wood Green MP and junior coalition government minister Lynne Featherstone lost her parliamentary seat in the general election on 7 May. With a swing of 15% from Lib Dem to Labour in the...
by London Green Left on Jun 3, 2015

Labour’s Way Back to Power is an Electoral Rubik’s Cube Without a Change of Electoral System

As the Labour party ponders electing its new leader from the thoroughly uninspiring choice of Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall or Mary Creagh, the challenge of winning power again is more complicated than ever before.When Tony Blair et al plo...
by London Green Left on May 31, 2015

After the General Election Result - What Now for the Greens?

Even though I sensed a re-run of the 1992 opinion polling failure in the final week of the campaign, I am still somewhat in shock about the result. The prospect of five more years of a full blown Tory government fills me with foreboding. But we have...
by London Green Left on May 11, 2015

GE2015 - Lesser Evilism or Voting For What You Believe In

What a dismal general election campaign 2015 has been. The mainstream politicians and media pompously announce that this year’s election is the ‘most important ever’, whilst treating the voters with utter contempt. Policies? We have barely hear...
by London Green Left on May 5, 2015

Nick Clegg – an obituary

By Ian Drummond There is a party leader called Nick, a former MEP, called the “most loathed man in Britain” by the press, who has led his party first through “modernisation” to new heights, then to years of disaster and diminishing returns. I...
by Socialist Unity on May 5, 2015

5 Lies about NHS Privatisation

5 lies about NHS privatisation. A video by 38 Degrees.Vote to keep the NHS public on 7 May.
by London Green Left on May 4, 2015

The 2015 British General Election: Capitalism’s One-Horse Race

Britain is currently in the grip of a general election campaign. Voting takes place on 7 May and election fever in the media is building as various commentators and politicians engage in empty rhetoric about British values and democratic principles.
by London Green Left on Apr 10, 2015

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