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Traveling to Korea – What You Need to Know

When you travel to Korea it is good to know more about the lifestyle, food, weather, and other information about it first. Here you will find the information you need to know about Korea so you are prepared before you travel. People – The peopl...
by The Korea Guide on Oct 1, 2012

Tesco Homeplus Virtual Subway Store – 스마트 가상 스토어

by The Korea Guide on Mar 31, 2012

17 Best Pinboards to follow on Pinterest if you love Korea

Pinterest is now the new social media tool in the league of Facebook, Flickr that can keep you hooked for minutes if not hours. And with so many users creating interesting pinboards it has become easier to explore, inspire, share and discover new asp...
by The Korea Guide on Feb 19, 2012

My First Harvest

One of the lasting impacts life in Korea will have on me is farming & the dream of one day having my own little farm – one where we don’t move every time we turn around would be preferable. I’ve been in Korea over 800 days now &...
by Our JennEric Life on Jul 24, 2011

Bossom Buddies

So just a little back story first… In March our American duplex-mates PCS’d back home and a few weeks later we had Korean neighbors – a first in our all-American side of the compound. A husband, a wife & their roughly 8 year-old...
by Our JennEric Life on Jul 22, 2011

Third Summer’s the Charm

Behold the Korean electric bill! Last June we burned over 800 kilowatts…or roughly $350 US dollars. (And that was the smallest of our summer bills.) At the height, we paid just under $700 – and don’t be confused, thinking we were li...
by Our JennEric Life on Jul 18, 2011

100,000 Lanterns

[Dongdaemun in Seoul] Dongdaemun means Great East Gate – this was the eastern gate of the wall that used to surround Seoul during the early 1400′s.  And it marks the start of the Lotus Lantern Parade that’s held every year in honor...
by Our JennEric Life on Jul 13, 2011

57 Things I Know

1. Saying goodbye to friends never gets any easier. 2. Watermelon is a delicacy in Korea. The going rate is $9.99 on post on sale, 7,000 won off-post. 3. Moo-Moo isn’t so afraid to walk past scary monsters anymore. 4. Spending 30 minutes to fil...
by Our JennEric Life on Jul 5, 2011

Dumping Out What’s Left of my Brain

Forgive me – I’ve been flying by lately trying to get ready for my very first class in Army esiliency-ray (pig latin), dealing with my 3rd MRI & my 2nd Neurologist…and between the constant trips back & forth to Seoul lately,...
by Our JennEric Life on Mar 17, 2011

6 Hours & 1 Concussion Later

[Random pics of Mr. Chong's slums - This is Red. He always smiles when he sees me.] Why is it whenever I do have a accident it’s in the most absurd way possible? It’s never some exciting, blood-pumping, adrenalin-filled tale of daring adv...
by Our JennEric Life on Mar 4, 2011

For Sale: One Man’s Folly

I can’t remember who spotted it first. Was it Eric? Was it me?…Hmm. No clue. Regardless, it would appear that Mr. Mid-Life Crisis Man has had a change of heart…or wallet. Not sure which. But yes dear friends, you too can roam the st...
by Our JennEric Life on Feb 28, 2011

Mr. Pak, the Paperboy Poet

Mr. Pak meandered his way into our lives on two wheels this week. Although I’m not sure how old he is, let’s just say he’s a little slow on the bike. [check out my amazing hip-shots] Upon our first meeting, he offered me a free Eng...
by Our JennEric Life on Feb 24, 2011

The Run Down

[the rice has been harvested for a while now, but I never showed you these pics] I’m heading back to Texas tomorrow. And in starting to think of what all I need to pull together at the last minute, some other things have been crossing my mind.
by Our JennEric Life on Dec 13, 2010

Current State of Affairs

[the Lumber Barons binding cabbages close to harvest time] It seems as if once or twice a day I’m getting emails from home asking about the tensions with the North, my mom’s current condition…as well as my own. So here’s what...
by Our JennEric Life on Dec 2, 2010

That’s Ingenuity, Baby

How we didn’t think of this last year I have no clue. Instead we spent last winter continually fussin’ & cussin’ over getting the fire to start & actually stay lit. But I was crowned Fire Queen, so that was a plus. And I...
by Our JennEric Life on Nov 23, 2010

And We’re Back!

I have collectively decided that last week didn’t exist. Sometimes you just gotta edit things out for the sake of continuity or effective story-telling. And this is one of those times. So for those of you playing the home version, we went stra...
by Our JennEric Life on Nov 21, 2010

Lots of Moving Pieces

[images from my time at Yongsan] It would seem November is going to be one wild, crazy & cold month. Between traveling to Seoul for two weeks for my training class, my mother’s fall & subsequent partial hip replacement surgery, Thanks...
by Our JennEric Life on Nov 16, 2010

Brain Dump

The other day I realized I haven’t had a good story to tell you in a while. I tried to figure out why…there arethings happening here left, right & ridiculous…I just have no interest in sharing them. Nothing’s really jumpi...
by Our JennEric Life on Oct 26, 2010

The Mythological Dragon

While in Seoul over the weekend, we stayed at the Dragon Hill Lodge – the Department of Defense run hotel in the middle of Yongsan Garrison. It’s billed as a resort hotel experience for US Servicemembers and it also serves as the first st...
by Our JennEric Life on Oct 18, 2010

What Passes for Fun Around Here

After a typically weak dinner the other night at the AMC (Alaska Mining Company), Eric & I came home to sit & veg like the old couple we are…doing everything we could to forget both the hospital-ranked meal & that there is actuall...
by Our JennEric Life on Sep 26, 2010

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