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Merry Christmas

After being away from my blog for two months, I come back again. Even this post, it's about Xmas. For three months, I've been having some problems in my neck due my cervical spine, so I've been wearing a soft collar, going to therapy, doctors etc...
by LOLA LOBATO on Dec 30, 2012

It was in Venezuela where I had my first kiss

The day arrived with big hope and much enthusiasm, presidential elections in Venezuela.How can I forget my dear Venezuela? I had my three kids in Venezuela, my first job in Venezuela, and my first kiss in Venezuela. Even though I have lived there in...
by LOLA LOBATO on Oct 7, 2012


We arrived to Aghios Nikolaos and walked around the charming village, until lunch time. I had two names of places where to eat, having in mind I am always looking for where the locals eat fresh and without any tourist pretentiousness. I decided to go...
by LOLA LOBATO on Sep 13, 2012

Shall we eat?

Veggie salad sprinkle with basil, cilantro, mint herbs and a Dijon vinaigrette. I am venturing more in to making these veggie plates a part of my lifestyle. It can be served as a first course, a companion to fish, chicken or meat.  It goes...
by LOLA LOBATO on Mar 2, 2012

The night before Christmas

My first Christmas My happy Christmas moments started, with a grandfather with a toy store, getting double Santa's presents and being spoiled as being the first daughter and first granddaughter.Living in houses with no fences, friendly neig...
by LOLA LOBATO on Dec 23, 2011

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