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Why A Low-Fat Diet Will Make You FATTER

Here’s an article I came across regarding low fat diet and why it can make you fatter.  I bet you’re wondering how that is possible? I wondered the same thing also. How can a low-fat diet make you fatter? Sean Nalewanyj, the creator of How To...
by Fat Loss Done EZ on Feb 21, 2010

A Low Fat Diet Plan That Makes Sense. (How I Chose the Perfect One!)

Hi I'm Carol Everett and I was asked by my daughter Mindi to tell you about a great low fat diet plan that has been successful for both of us. This is one of the best low fat diet plans available. This plan actually makes sense and it easy to use.
by Xtreme Us Health and Fitness on Jun 29, 2009

Very Low Fat Diet

photo credit: gregoryjameswalsh An old misconception in the dieting world, dating back well before my time on the scene is that fat is the enemy. The connotations speak for themselves - when we put on weight we call ourselves “fat and disgustin...
by Diets That Work on Apr 30, 2009

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