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Pinched Nerve in Lower Back

In order to understand how to deal with a pinched nerve in lower back, the first thing to do is to establish what the problem is and how it presents itself. A pinched nerve is the common term for any back pain that is caused by a nerve that has, more...

What to Do for Lower Back Pain

In order to understand what to do for lower back pain depend on how severe situation is. It is important to deal with the problem in the right way. First of all if you are suffering from pain in your lower back and it is sufficiently severe you shoul...

Lower Back Pain Remedies

Different lower back pain remedies depend on the causes of the pain. Since the cause of soreness is mostly muscle strain, treatments are generally geared to resting the injured muscles and ceasing the use of them for a few days. Non steroidal anti-in...

Simple Treatment for Lower Back Pain

While living with any sort of physical discomfort is undoubtedly not a lifestyle any person would choose, continual lower back pain is possibly one of the most uncomfortable and even unbearable types of bodily pain. It is nearly impossible to walk, s...

Lower Back Pain Treatment & Sciatica Treatment (9)

When I was desperate for treatment for sciatica pain that worked for me I accepted the first diagnosis I was given i.e. it was a pinched nerve on my sciatic nerve and that a ruptured disc was causing... More..
by Lower Back Pain Blog on Jan 29, 2010

Severe Lower Back Pain (Part 4)

lower back pain treatment FREEDOM from bad lower back painseemed a long way off as Christmas approached for me the year I had my failed back surgery… Yes, as Christmas drew near pain was my... More..
by Lower Back Pain Blog on Dec 14, 2009

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