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The Blond Diamond Barbie: Der Mädchen-Traum kommt in Erfüllung

Phillipe und David Blond sind Top-Designer, die schon die ganze Welt erobert haben. Deren Entwürfe tragen die größten Stars wie Katy Perry, Beyoncé oder Lady Gaga. The Blonds spezialisieren sich auf glamouröse Korsagen, Bodysuits,Kleider, die au...
by Fashion Police on Aug 6, 2012

Mattel Barbie

Mattel Barbie – Great cover for doing business in China right track What could be wrong? Do you have a very large growing consumer sector, the largest economy in the world and the most famous doll in the world. Well, it turns out, things can go...
by doll games on Sep 30, 2011

FBI Warns That New "Video Girl Barbie" Could Be Used For Child Pornography

Yikes!!! A new toy put out by Mattel, called “Video Girl Barbie,” has the FBI warning parents that it could be used as a “possible child pornography production method.” The Barbie, which features a camera lens hidden in her ne...
by on Dec 3, 2010

Barbie Video Girl Doll

With Mattel Barbie Video Girl doll, it’s fun and easy to make your own movies. Here’s how it works: her necklace is really a video camera lens! Lift her hood and you’ll see a color LCD screen and three easy-to-use controls. The screen lets you...
by Saver Cheaper on Nov 1, 2010

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