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Cardinals 2014 Draft Preview

The MLB Draft is coming up on Thursday and its always interesting to try to figure out who the Cardinals might pick.  This year the Cards have the 27th overall pick in the draft and there are various mock drafts out there with their predictions...
by Cardinals Fan in Cubs Land on Jun 3, 2014

Still Enjoying Yesterday’s Good News and Other Bullets

No, Mike Olt and Ryan Kalish don't make the Cubs a playoff team. But that doesn't mean there aren't reasons to smile.
by Bleacher Nation on Mar 28, 2014

Chicago Cubs Prospect Organizational Depth: Middle Infield

Although it may not be quite as strong as third base, the Cubs' middle infield set of prospects is outstanding.
by Bleacher Nation on Mar 28, 2014

Prospect Notes: Future Stardom, Lake, Castillo, Edwards, Golden, More

How many Cubs prospects have the chance to be future stars in Major League Baseball? Do you already know?
by Bleacher Nation on Mar 28, 2014

Best Minor League Ballpark Concession Items

The 2013 MiLB #Foodfight is here. is looking for the best minor league ballpark concession item and they want you to tell them what it is. There are 64 concession items broken out into four categories: Gut Busters, Hogs n’ Dogs, Local...
by WhereTheAthletesEat on May 16, 2013

Minor League Ballparks Have The Best Food

We continue to be reminded that minor league ballparks have the best food when it comes to eating at sporting events. Last week I wrote about some of the interesting items that can be found at the home games of the Omaha Stormchasers and the Michigan...
by WhereTheAthletesEat on Apr 24, 2013

Banuelos To Have Tommy John Surgery

by West House on Oct 2, 2012


I’ve probably written this a billion times before (give and take a few), but nonetheless I still feel that it’s relevant to repeat it from time to time. To all you friendly people sending mails suggesting I should check out this, that or somethin...
by Hits in the Car on Feb 22, 2012

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