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Settling in Back Home

It has been about seven months since I left Penang to move back home to the US, so I thought I should write a note here. We have settled in to our new home in Upstate New York State in the US, a country like setting just outside of Rochester.We have...
by Retired in Malaysia on Sep 30, 2014


Since I have moved back to the United States after living in Malaysia for about 7 years I have become a bit neglectful of Steveso Thinks. There have been a lot of changes in my life since returning back home, but that is no excuse for not posting reg...
by Steveso Thinks on Sep 25, 2014

Goodbye Penang, Malaysia

By the time this post is read I shall have already left Malaysia and headed back home to the US. I will have left extreme heat for extreme cold, but with hopes of spring being right around the corner.For those who have been following my departure fro...
by Retired in Malaysia on Mar 2, 2014

MM2H Fixed Deposit Withdrawal

One aspect of moving back home that I was worried about was the withdrawal of my MM2H Fixed deposit. When I sold my house I went to the Ministry of Tourism's MM2H website to see what I had to do. It all seemed so simple, except for having to travel t...
by Retired in Malaysia on Feb 12, 2014

At Last Great Mexican Food in Penang.

With only a very short time before I move out of Penang I finally discovered a Mexican restaurant on the island. A few days ago a friend told me that a Mexican restaurant has opened in Tanjung Bungah at Hillside. Apparently it has only been open a fe...
by Retired in Malaysia on Feb 11, 2014

Leaving Malaysia is proving more difficult than coming here!

When I applied for and received my MM2H visa it was relatively simple. When I prepared to move to Malaysia I sold my house, signed the S&P agreement, had the closing and transferred the money to my account in Malaysia, in a month. I had already p...
by Retired in Malaysia on Feb 9, 2014

The End of an Adventure

About 6 years ago I arrived in Penang to start a new adventure of an American expat living in Malaysia. The country, the climate, the food, the customs and culture, and the food was all quite new to me. Everyone told me that I would get homesick imme...
by Retired in Malaysia on Feb 3, 2014

Gusto Cafe is Growing and Helping the Community at the Same Time

Many of my readers have read my previous posts regarding Gusto Cafe. My friends and I frequent Gusto as the food is great and the prices are reasonable. As I have said before it is the only place I can get an American breakfast and other American tre...
by Retired in Malaysia on Sep 24, 2013

Back to Penang After a Long Vacation

I haven't posted here for quite a while for a variety of reasons. Because of the extreme heat and humidity in the past few months I became quite lazy and didn't have the energy to write anything or even think. Then I returned home for a month long va...
by Retired in Malaysia on Sep 16, 2013

Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant

Sometimes it seems that I enjoy the food so much at a restaurant that I forget to give it a mention here on the blog. This is the case for one of my favorite restaurants in Penang, called Vintage Bulgaria in Hillside. I go there with Kevin and our fr...
by Retired in Malaysia on Aug 8, 2013

Hospitalization Insurance in Malaysia During the past few months I have had some friends who were hospitalized for varying lengths of time, one had multiple surgeries and hospitalizations before eventually passing away and another broke an ankle and remained in t...
by Retired in Malaysia on Jul 23, 2013

Top 5 Reasons Why Retire in Malaysia

Are you the one who is looking for an interesting retirement option other than a regular boring one at home? You have come at the right place; you will get to know what all you will get if you retire in Malaysia. 1.Malaysia residency is economical -...
by Free Articles Directory on Jul 17, 2013

Happy Ramadan.

I would like to wish all of my Muslim friends here in Malaysia and in the US a very happy and blessed Ramadan.
by Retired in Malaysia on Jul 10, 2013

Happy Birthday America

commons.wikimedia.orgJuly 4th at the Boston Esplanade To all of my family and friends in the United States, Happy 4th of July. Enjoy the fireworks, the cookouts, the parades and all the celebrations. I hope the weather cooperates all over the countr...
by Retired in Malaysia on Jul 4, 2013

Chillin' in Cameron Highlands

In the past few weeks it has been extremely hot and humid here in Penang and that is one of the reasons I haven't posted here in a while. In the oppressive heat and humidity Kevin and myself and our neighbors, Linda and Cheah, traveled to Cameron Hig...
by Retired in Malaysia on Jun 30, 2013

A Sunday Road Trip

I had a great day this past Sunday, when I accompanied my friend Trevor on a bit of a road trip across the bridge on the main land. The plan was to explore the area around Kuala Sepetang and then have a seafood lunch. No maps were involved. We didn't...
by Retired in Malaysia on Jun 12, 2013

Hanoi and Halong Bay, Vietnam

One of the best things about living in Penang is that it is close to many desirable locations in Southeast Asia for short or long vacations. I have been to Saigon and the southern part of Vietnam a few times, but Kevin has never been. So a while back...
by Retired in Malaysia on May 31, 2013

Happy Memorial Day America

Happy Memorial Day to all of my family and friends back home. Enjoy the long weekend, the picnics, the parades and the barbecues and drive safely.
by Retired in Malaysia on May 25, 2013

Dinner at Gusto Cafe

I have eaten breakfast and dinner many times at Gusto Cafe in Tanjung Bunga and as I have said in a previous post, A New Penang Eatery - Gusto Cafe, this is the only place where you can get a real American breakfast, with real pork bacon and pork sau...
by Retired in Malaysia on May 24, 2013

Happy Wesak Day

I would like to wish all of my Buddhist friends around the world a very Happy Wesak Day.  May peace, harmony and enlightenment always be part of your life.
by Retired in Malaysia on May 24, 2013

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