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Nanay Kolokoy Picks: Breastfeeding Essentials from Seve's Mom

I promised myself that I would breastfeed Zayne for as long as my body permits it. Apart from proper diet, joining support groups and countless of nights spent reading breastfeeding materials, I also made sure that I “invested” on my breastfeedin...
by jE's AnAtOmY on Dec 13, 2016

10 Holiday Safety Tips for Children and Pets

Now that the holidays are upon us, many of us will have little visitors in our homes that may not be around on a regular basis. Or perhaps we have kids in the house, but the holidays present a new set of challenges with all the decor and additional a...
by The Kim Six Fix on Dec 8, 2016

Masalah gegata naura dah hilang

Assalamualaikum Hai korang..Alhamdulillah..masalah gegata pada badan naura dah kembali pulih.Aku pernah ceritakan kisah Naura kena gegata di entry INI Masa kena tu,aku pi melaka..Duduk kat satu rumah tumpangan di sana..Tak sangka benda ni boleh j...
by kisah si dairy on Dec 8, 2016

Nanay Kolokoy Picks: Fun Feeding Mat from The Project Mommyger

My dream was to become a 100% breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering and baby led weaning momma. I was an idealistic first time mother who simply wanted the best for the child she waited for four long years. But somewhere along the way, I learne...
by jE's AnAtOmY on Dec 7, 2016

Affordable Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Everyone

The post Affordable Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Everyone appeared first on Rich Single Momma. Read the rest over at
by Rich Single Momma on Dec 7, 2016

7+ Affordable Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Everyone

The post 7+ Affordable Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Everyone appeared first on Rich Single Momma. Read the rest over at
by Rich Single Momma on Dec 7, 2016

How to Sew a Felt Keepsake Ornament

Hi friends! Alicia here again from Sew What Alicia. Christmas is almost here again! I know you are probably pulling out your tree and putting all the ornaments on the tree. Every year I have more and more ornaments that my kids have made at school! T...
by The Kim Six Fix on Dec 2, 2016

To All the Women Who Became Mothers Before Me

I want to say two things. I’m sorry, and thank you very much. Ever since I posted our battle with infertility, I started receiving tons of messages from women who are still struggling with getting pregnant. Most of them would tell me, “I hate th...
by jE's AnAtOmY on Nov 28, 2016

Zayne's First Trick or Treat

I’ve been with my current company for almost five years. For years, when Halloween preparations begin, I would feel a mixed sense of excitement and sadness. Excitement, because, duh, candies! Hahaha! But trick or treat in the office served as a rem...
by jE's AnAtOmY on Nov 16, 2016

The First Year

Today, our baby turns one year old. I find it weird that I kept on falling in and out of my sanity the past couple of months. There are days when my heart is overflowing with so much happiness because our little darling is growing up to be the kind o...
by jE's AnAtOmY on Nov 8, 2016

What's with the Happy?

viaWhat's with the Happy?My youngest son and I have been spending quality time together these past weeks. He is embarking on his senior year of high school, prepping for a long year in anticipation of the HSC (High School Certificate) in New Sou...
by Collage of Life on Nov 6, 2016

Zayne's Eleventh Month

I often find myself on the verge of crying for so many different reasons. My heart is overflowing with joy because Zayne is growing up to be the kind of child I’ve always prayed for – happy, smart and kind-hearted. But my mommy heart is breaking...
by jE's AnAtOmY on Nov 5, 2016

Taking a "CHILL" Australia

Big view on a cloudy day in Sydney.Hello from Australia!I am taking a break in Sydney to visit with family and friends. I have had a few questions about our Sydney connection and decided this is as good a time as any to fill you in. So here's the sco...
by Collage of Life on Oct 29, 2016

When Should You Give Kids Cellphone?

Should I give my kid a cellphone? That has been a question parents have been asking for almost a decade now. I remember when my daughter first asked me for a cellphone. I wasn’t excited about... Read the rest over at
by Rich Single Momma on Sep 4, 2016

Wedding Update

So the wedding went according to plan – a complete stressful nightmare. I’ve only just recovered from the saga, and can honestly say that I don’t wish to do it again in the near future. I am in the middle of writing my experiences,...
by Not So Perfect Mummy Diaires on Aug 30, 2016

How to Survive a Wedding with a Toddler (or at least, just get through the day)

This is an honest and realistic guide of what to expect if you’re taking a child under two to a wedding. If you’ve been invited to a wedding, and so has your child, chances are they actually want them there, or they don’t have kids themselves a...
by Not So Perfect Mummy Diaires on Aug 30, 2016

MATERNIDAD | Los hijos y las redes sociales

¡Buenos días! Hoy les traigo un video-charla en el que les cuento mi experiencia y lo que pienso/siento siendo una "figura pública" y habiendo expuesto en determinadas ocasiones a #Princeartu en... Best fashion blog! More visiting http://www...
by Marilyn's Closet on Aug 27, 2016

Nur Zakiah yang Kuat Menangis

Assalamualaikum Aku baru dapat anak saudara awal tahun ni.Rasa dah 5 bulan umurya sekarang ni.Tapi sangat kuat menangis sampai kekadang ahli keluarga kitorang ni dah tak tau nak buat ape.Puas dah berubat dengan orang-orang.Tapi sama je semua.Kalau...
by kisah si dairy on Aug 26, 2016

My Breastfeeding Journey + 10 Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

Apparently, August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month that’s why I decided to dedicate a spot on my blog to document my breastfeeding journey. My Little Kolokoy is currently nine months old. I know mothers who have been in this journey longer so I am...
by jE's AnAtOmY on Aug 26, 2016

25 FAQs About Homeowners Insurance

The Top 25 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Homeowners Insurance Owning a home is the American Dream for many people. Single moms are no exception. But owning a home is more than a mortgage. You... Read the rest over at
by Rich Single Momma on Aug 23, 2016

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