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Neoteric Hovercraft helps Poland celebrate National Rescuers Day

June 29 is National Rescuers Day in Poland. What perfect timing that WOPR christened and launched their new Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft in Szczecin, Poland right before National Rescuers Day. Their hovercraft was purchased from Neoteric’s dealer in...
by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on Jun 29, 2016

For ice rescues, “The Neoteric hovercraft – and training - are essential.”

How can a rescue agency determine if a hovercraft would improve their first responders’ rescue capabilities – especially in ice rescues? An excellent way is to take a hovercraft flight training course. That’s exactly what the University of...
by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on Feb 7, 2014

Prairieton Fire Department Rescue Hovercraft

by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on Sep 9, 2013

Gladstone Public Safety Department trains in new Neoteric rescue hovercraft

Residents of, and visitors to, the Gladstone, Michigan area can now enjoy Lake Michigan much more safely. First responders from the Gladstone Public Safety Department and Delta County Search and Rescue have completed their pilot training at Hovercraf...
by Neoteric Hovercraft Blog on Jun 17, 2012

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