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My New Studio Apartment Video

Can I just say I love summer. I. Love. Summer. Emphasis needed. It’s been the best summer ever! I’m going to need to do a post with just some of my random summer adventures. Also, when talking with a friend the other day I said “win...
by Rappsody in Rooms on Jul 27, 2016

Happy 2015 (better late than never)!

Wow its been so long since I updated my blog, I think my last post was June of last year.  I know I lose all my follower but I will still try to revive my blog and hoping that I will gain back all my friends and followers here.  I hope all...
by Everyday Fish Phil on Jan 27, 2015

Home Interior Tips, Tips in Buying New Furniture for Your House

Buying new furniture requires a number of tricks that the furniture that you buy a high quality. Do not let furniture that can last a dozen years should always ask for repair because of the fragile structure. No less important, do not forget to adjus...
by 4 Home Interior on Nov 1, 2014

4 Apartment Selection Factors for Parents to Consider

When you’re looking for a new apartment, there are a number of things you should for. While everyone knows that you need to find something that has enough rooms and space for your family, there are some things that often […]Be the first t...
by Earnest Parenting on Apr 12, 2014

New Apartment Listings in Downtown Jersey City

Here you’ll find the new listings in Downtown Jersey City. If this space is empty then there were no new listings coming to market in the last two days. .   .    ...
by Jersey City Real Estate on Feb 15, 2014

Day #230 In A Blind Fold (Clementine)

Wow!! I am alive everyone! I haven’t updated my blog since like 2 weeks ago due to the fact that I was in the middle of moving in to my new apartment. It was a difficult yet exciting experience, moving away from home for the first time :3. Ther...
by I 365 Art on Nov 24, 2012


For residents of the city, the apartment is a necessity, like a home needs. Strategic location and facilities are often the main attraction of the apartment. However, what exactly needs to qualifications possessed a decent apartment for rent / buy? U...
by My Home Life on Oct 5, 2012

New Apartment

Hi dears! I've been so busy these past few days with school work and moving house. I decided to move to an area closer to my workplace AND to my school to save on fare and on time. Here's a dreary sneak peek of the apartment, which is actually smalle...
by The Clothes Muse on Sep 24, 2012

Ashley Furniture New York- The Very Best Decoration For Your Home

If we have usually purchased a code latest unit or house, we afterwards contingency be removing vehement about adorn it in biggest manner. You will have to buy a seat alone formed upon a need of each room. The seat of sketch room will be particular f...
by Home Improvement Blog on Feb 12, 2012

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