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Britain: Raiderettes Steal the Show as 600,000 NFL Fans Jam London’s Regent Street

Football's Fabulous Females, a.k.a. the Raiderettes, steal the show as 600,000 football fans clog London's iconic Regent Street. Recovering from a hangover, our OFFICIAL correspondent attends the fair and shares his pix...
by Accidental TravelWriter on Sep 28, 2014

What To Watch For: Fins - Raiders In London

When square shouldered American footballers storm into London’s Wembley Stadium this weekend, 80,000 odd sports fans will hope for a spectacle. They’ll anticipate heroic quarterbacking, rampaging rushes and pulverising tackling. But just as it is...
by Why Football Is Cool on Sep 25, 2014

49ers too strong for the Jaguars at Wembley

Wembley stadium played host to it’s second NFL game of the season as the Jacksonville Jaguars took on the San Francisco 49ers. The Jaguars were the designated home team and needed the support after a terrible start to the regular season wh...
by Tibs News on Oct 27, 2013

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