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Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Gustav Leonhardt, a musical friendship of more than 60 years

Presentation of the Erasmus Prize, 8 September 1980. F.l.t.r.: Alice Harnoncourt, Marie Leonhardt, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Gustav Leonhardt. © Marcel Antonisse/ Anefo; Nationaal Archief, archiefinventaris
by semibrevity on Apr 15, 2016

Alfred Deller, Leonhardt & the Harnoncourts: the first recording

Alfred Deller, the Leonhardts & the Harnoncourts: their first ground-breaking recording made on original instruments in Vienna in May 1954. With details of the historical organ used, an excerpt from the record and a link to a 1952 Dutch radio re...
by semibrevity on Oct 25, 2013

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