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Why do you run? [Infographic]

It's easy to find excuses not to run: too tired, too bloated, too late, too early, the list goes on and on. Getting motivated for a race can also be difficult. One way to make sure you get the training in and look forward to that race is to run not f...
by Midwest Multisport Life on Aug 13, 2014

What Kind Of Treadmill Do You Need?

Popular brands of commercial treadmills like Nordic Track, Sole and Bowflex are machines that will bring you great benefits in your health and fitness goals. Before you buy any treadmill you want to consider the features of the treadmill and if they...
by Commercial Treadmill Reviews on Nov 3, 2012

Nordic Track Fitness Equipment: The Most Effective Home Fitness Equipment

Acquiring home fitness equipment is a powerful way to shape up inside the privacy of your abode. It not merely allows you to save money which you may spend on expensive fitness clubs it lets you perform your exercises without feeling self-conscious o...
by A Health Article Blog on Nov 7, 2010

Fat Blaster

No rest in between sets!Nordic Track Ski = 3:00Dips = 23Burpees = 15Wide Grip Pullups = 9Nordic Track Ski = 2:00Planks = 1:30Burpees = 15Close Grip Pullups = 12Nordic Track Ski = 2:00Incline Dumbell Press = 66LB x 9Burpees = 15Power Clean, Jerk, Push...
by Ironquest on Mar 18, 2009

Nordic Track Ski Machine

Today was a day to give my running and biking legs a break. I still got a great workout though. The Nordic Track Ski machine gets my heart rate up a lot higher than any eliptical machine. It is one of the best overall full body workouts I have fou...
by Ironquest on Feb 28, 2009

Bike Trainer Workouts Plus

2/22--6:00 Nordic Trac, --4:00 Tabata Protocol Burpees and Thrusters,--6:00 Nordic Trac2/24--35:00 Bike Trainer (Tempo pace)--Close Grip Pullups = 17--Dips = 23--Ab wheel = 102/25--Run 2 mile, then stopped --sore hammy2/26--50:00 Bike Trainer...
by Ironquest on Feb 26, 2009

Fat Blaster 16

I do a number of various circuits like the one below. I started doing workouts similar to these in 1995 to spice up my lifting routine and get a challenge. Recently, crossfit and turbulence training among others, have become popular. Also, a number o...
by Ironquest on Feb 13, 2009

Running Plus

I really do like variety in my workouts. Today, I was scheduled to do a run. I decided to add a couple of different exercises, to make it challenging and keep me interested. In the winter, staying interested and excited about something new seems to b...
by Ironquest on Jan 17, 2009

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