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Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of NC Files To Renew 2013 Individual Health Plans

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Of NC announced that they have filed to allow most of their non-grandfathered individual customers to keep their current health plans.
by ALLCHOICE Insurance on Nov 19, 2013

BCBS Of NC Responds To November 14 Announcement About ObamaCare

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Of NC released its response to President Obama's November 14th Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) Announcement.
by ALLCHOICE Insurance on Nov 15, 2013

Obama Care Mandate On Maximum Increase For Seniors Sticks

Federal Government Sticks With Limits On Health Insurance For Seniors...
by ALLCHOICE Insurance on Feb 22, 2013

N.C. lawmakers want to stop online insurance market

North Carolina lawmakers put a stop to the online health insurance exchange...
by ALLCHOICE Insurance on Jan 30, 2013

Health Insurance Premiums To Rise According To Business Survey

Survey Shows Employer Sponsored Health Premiums To Increase...
by ALLCHOICE Insurance on Aug 6, 2012

BCBS of NC Files For 10 Percent Rate Hike For Health Insurance

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Files For Health Insurance Rate Increase...
by ALLCHOICE Insurance on Aug 3, 2012

Business Is So CRAZY – ALLCHOICE Had To Bring In The Big Hitter

ALLCHOICE Insurance has been blessed with the amount of business we have doing lately. In order to alleviate the work load...we had to bring in the secret weapon, Cooper Wingate!
by ALLCHOICE Insurance on Apr 26, 2012

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