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Politics and Prune Juice Episode #7 – Palin’s Trump Endorsement and Flint’s Water Crisis

We are back in 2016! Happy (Belated) New Year everyone! Our latest podcast episode is centered on Sarah Palin’s crazy endorsement of Donald Trump to be the GOP nominee for President of the United States. We also look at ... Read More...
by Prune Juice Media on Jan 28, 2016

Joan Rivers Illuminati Sacrifice Videos - Watch the...

Joan Rivers Illuminati Sacrifice Videos - Watch the channel FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW, REBLOG!!
by Tricking Is Tricking on Sep 4, 2014

Barack Obama and family celebrate Christmas with Hugh Jackman

Barack Obama Family Celeberate Christmas The President Obama, Michelle and the kids welcomed famous guests at the White House to film a Christmas television video on American television. Dressed festive family Obama sang with Hugh Jackman, the Anna K...
by HotSportsCeleb Blog on Dec 16, 2013

A mothers letter to Barack Obama (Must Read)!

The woman who wrote this letter to Barack Obama, Yolanda Burroughs-Vestal, clearly articulates the feelings and frustrations that so many of us have! Frustration over the fact that this man knows nothing about the daily struggles of Americ...
by The Political Commentator on Nov 15, 2013

Report: American Taxpayers Spent $1.4 Billion on the Obama’s Last Year

That would billion with a 'B.' By contrast, the Brits spent $58 million on the Royals. Is it any wonder President Obama wants a 'clean' debt ceiling vote?
by Red Alexandria on Sep 27, 2012

Fundraising Obamanation of the day, photo-op style!

If you thought Obama/Biden asking for donations in lieu of giving gifts to family and friends on important occasions was bad (see here), could this one be the topper? How about donating for the potential to win a family-photo taken with the Presiden...
by The Political Commentator on Jul 20, 2012

First Couple

Continuing the summer of service campaign with congressional families, the First Lady fired them up with hints of the fun to come at the White House luau later in the day, after they'd've packed 15,000 backpacks for children of military families. She...
by Following The First Lady on Jun 27, 2009

Her Father's Daughter

Amidst the talk of the prevalence of single mothers in the black community and absent fathers, remember Fraser Robinson, Michelle Obama's dad, who I must venture to guess was not an anomaly. The legend of Fraser Robinson has been well told, he worked...
by Following The First Lady on Jun 21, 2009

President Obama’s First Big Mistake?

The First Family announced recently that the First Dog would be a Portuguese Water dog.  I have mixed feelings about this on a number of levels. As a Labradoodle breeder, I am actually somewhat relieved that the First Dog will not be a doodle.  The...

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