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The GazettE ♥

Ahh. Its Tuesday but, who cares~This is for my Music Monday post (:The band is: The GazettE { Visual Kei J-Rock Group }& iThink their just super talented~ & Gorgeous *___*But yeahh~ Its a group of 5 guys who have been around since like 2007 i...
by .. iLowlife ♥ on Nov 23, 2010

Manga To Movie (:

Well... iGuess you can say that iLike the Japanese culture too much~ & iEspecially love their art & music. So yeahh, as to art they do manga. So iLike have a high reading words per minute rate so iLike to read Manga~ But iLike am a bit obosse...
by .. iLowlife ♥ on Nov 20, 2010

Bieber Fever ~ ♥

:O & So iTalk about me coming down with Bieber Fever~iHave been hating him for quite a while now, but like iJust suddenly started to think about him more~ & iStarted to get why people like him~ So yeah, Its 100% contagious~{ iMight Not Be Spe...
by .. iLowlife ♥ on Nov 18, 2010

The Three "C's"

;D mMmmmm Cotton Candy~ <3Well~ iReally am not gonna talk about Cotton Candy here, but don't you love eating it ~? iLike how it just dissolves in your mouth~ :D But the "Three C's" iAm talking about are~ :1) College Fair 2) Chorus&n...
by .. iLowlife ♥ on Nov 10, 2010

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