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Winter Solstice Party

Yesterday was the First Annual Winter Solstice party...or the culmination of a multi-night mid-winter celebration filled with stove-top popcorn, knitting, and movies. I can't quite get any of those three things off my mind. Anyways, every year havi...
by Turkey Cookies on Dec 22, 2009

Autumn Toe Essentials

I am officially over second sock syndrome. Maybe it is just avoiding crazy shell-like patterns for a while that made these socks a quick knit. What I do have is a weakness for buying sock yarn so when I felt the urge to knit socks I immediately pu...
by Turkey Cookies on Oct 28, 2009

I knit myself a sweater

As long as I have been knitting I've dreamed of knitting myself a sweater- It just seemed a bit complex. Sleeves and so much yarn boggled me a bit. Then I swallowed hard, ordered a pattern (garter yoke cardigan), invested in some yarn and went at i...
by Turkey Cookies on Sep 9, 2009

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