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Freeware - Games Online - MMORPG / MMO / RPG - Second Life Client 3.5.1 Build 274821

 Release - Second Life Client 3.5.1 Build 274821 - Language - English / OtherSize - About 50 MBYFormat - Zip/Rar/Exec./Other - Scan by a Antivirus Norton - Clean/No VirusFiles -1Readme.Txt/NFO -No Info About  A world of possibilities - a...
by Live_CyberdreamsPT on May 10, 2013

From LadyR, Now RedButterfly

If you think I am done and over with Wartune, you are mistaken. I myself thought I could stop from playing but the more I think of quitting, the more I am getting challenged. I want to level up. I … Continue reading →...
by Chie's Cyberwalk on May 8, 2013

Invented Event!

Most online gaming today presents a lot of side quests and game events keeping you a lot busy, thus reducing the satiety effect that in my opinion is the greatest enemy of today’s online games.
by Beer andJoysticks on Apr 26, 2013

Crossfire Launches Biggest Tournament Ever!

Crossfire, one of the leading First Person Shooter (FPGS) games in the world and also in the Philippines launches Crossfire Stars Season 1.  The tournament will guarantee the winning team in the Philippine qualifier a US$5,000 cash prize. They will...
by The Products Blog on Apr 23, 2013

Gaming evolved or devolved?

I literally grew up playing Nintendo and Playstation, most of my profound memories includes some moments with my brothers while playing Super Mario Bros.
by Beer andJoysticks on Apr 21, 2013 Like 'N Load Contest

Are you a gamer and are you playing any Game Club game?  Here is your chance to win eCoins and Elite Gaming Gear in the Daily and Grand raffle draws from  There will be a daily draw from March 29 to April 18, 2013 who will win 300 eCo...
by The Products Blog on Apr 1, 2013

A Northbet Review

I have been taking part in and for around a year currently, and that i cannot realize any reason to travel back to my different books. I’ve vie at several books throughout the years, and Northbet has established to be one amongst th...
by Northbet Reviews on Mar 7, 2013

March Madness at Northbet

Over the next few weeks, millions of people in virtually every office, school, or other social gathering place will have some variation of a pool where people fill out a bracket and throw in a few bucks at a chance to win the big pot. As the madness...
by Northbet Reviews on Mar 5, 2013

LadyR at Level 35

I’ve just moved straight to from Yahoo Games to play Wartune. And from an Archer, I switched to a Knight. I started all over again for I opted to play in Server 8 – US East,  a newest server wherein the highest level i bet is j...
by Chie's Cyberwalk on Feb 9, 2013

Northbet Leads In Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

The store on-line sportsbook is seeing record traffic this season due in giant half to its fervent commitment to client service and providing a holistic on-line diversion expertise for its people. Northbet has created itself into a convenient one-sto...
by Northbet Reviews on Jan 25, 2013

Northbet Review

by Northbet Reviews on Jan 25, 2013

My Archer Character in Wartune

Here’s my first character in Wartune – the one that I played in YahooGames hosted by Kabam. I chose an Archer since I liked using archer in Baldur’s Gate. I named this character ChieWilks.  I told you I don’t like waiting but...
by Chie's Cyberwalk on Jan 25, 2013

Wartune In Yahoo Games

For my first comeback post, I would like to share to you something that is keeping me busy these past few days. It is an R2 game called Wartune. I think it was five days ago when I run across this game in Yahoo Games while looking for a game that cou...
by Chie's Cyberwalk on Jan 21, 2013


Customers that wager at online sportsbooks are always asking, “Am I going to get paid by my sportsbook? How long will it take, and what will it cost me?” These are very important questions that they always ask. In my 6 plus years working in the s...
by Northbet Reviews on Jan 9, 2013

Zero Fee Policy And Fast Payouts

Northbet has paved the way for the sports betting industry with outstanding services that clients have always dreamed of.  A zero-fee policy with lighting fast payouts and a referral program that pays you out for life, is what Northbet has been prov...
by Northbet Reviews on Jan 8, 2013

Sports Betting Tips

Sports betting tips and strategy, free sports betting picks, live sports betting odds, and any other sports betting information you would want to find. The sports indulgent content on our website is concentrated on common North yankee sports. This in...
by Northbet Reviews on Jan 2, 2013

RAZER CARCHARIAS Headset for the XBOX 360®

SINGAPORE. – Razer™, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems, announced its new and improved Razer Carcharias gaming headset for the Xbox 360®. Building on the ergonomic and aural standard set by the original R...
by The Products Blog on Dec 21, 2012

PC Car Games Online

Do you want to play car games without leaving you computer. If you have no game players like Xbox or Playstation, online games is a great option to entertain yourself when bored. Thanks goodness the are hundreds and thousands of games available to pl...
by Chie's Cyberwalk on Dec 9, 2012

Games For Girls currently entertains me and my sisters online. I was bored from blogging one night that I thought of playing online games. I searched for those games for girls and my search brought me to where thousands of games for boys an...
by Chie's Cyberwalk on Dec 2, 2012

App Developers – Be Social!

Many app developers don’t always realize how important it is to include social features in their app. You can find many apps which have great potential of becoming a big hit, but they lack that extra special something to make them cross the line be...
by GIZMORATI on Nov 20, 2012

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