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How to Reduce Laser Hair Removal Pain

For the sake of beauty, most women are willing to bear the pain it takes when they are having removal of hair. There are various methods of hair removal which range from painful to painless procedure. The laser hair removal is preferred because it is...
by Laser Hair Removal on Apr 11, 2011

Cheryl Cole tattoo artist suffered dislocated penis

THE artist who worked 11 straight hours on Cheryl Cole’s arse tattoo suffered a ruptured manhood during the procedure, it was revealed today. “It was the most excruciating 11 hours of my life,” Justin Teale told reporters from his hospital bed...
by new tattoo on Feb 12, 2011

My boobs are so sore :(?

My boobs are so sore ? In the past month my boobs have been in so much pain. Iv gotten a biopsy noting was wrong. And im not pregnant. But if anybody knocks into me on accident and touches them the slightest bit they hurt like crazy. Also Iv been hav...

Taking Care of Your Overall Dental Health

One of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening, it seems that every day more and more people from all over the world want to have brighter and more attractive smiles, this is mostly because a whiter smile is considered an...
by Dental Health on Nov 18, 2010

Reasons and Treatment for Hair Loss

Some are saying that dandruff, constant wearing of hats, lack of vitamins among others are reasons why your head is balding or your hair is thinning. But these reasons have been disproven. According to scientific reasons, aside from sickness like can...
by Health and Fitness on Nov 28, 2009

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