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Actively Listen

Because listening requires no physical effort, in the way that speaking does, we tend to think of it as a passive activity.
by Random thoughts On life on Oct 12, 2011

Actively Listen

Because listening requires no physical effort, in the way that speaking does, we tend to think of it as a passive activity.
by Random thoughts On life on Oct 11, 2011

Thrive On Challenge

Have you ever noticed that life is best at those times when it is the most challenging. A quick look back will confirm that the most fondly remembered and valuable experiences also had some kind of significant challenges associated with them.
by Random thoughts On life on May 25, 2011

How naturally prevent anxiety and panic attacks?

In our today’s fast directed lifestyle, it is reasonable to ask how to prevent anxiety and panic attacks. We are important factors in this, because each person can be submitted in accordance with its needs of natural methods of prevention. The...
by Fabian Davila on Mar 8, 2011

In The Zone

Have you ever had a day when you were positively invincible, a day when you were able to easily get things done, a day when all sorts of good things came your way, a day when every action you took produced the result you desired? Every now and then,...
by Random thoughts On life on Feb 8, 2011

Do Not Give Up Or In

Let's say you've committed to starting your own business and you've set goals for how you intend to build that business. You've made plans, you've set those plans in motion, and you're well on your way. Then you have lunch with a friend and tell him...
by Random thoughts On life on Feb 2, 2011

Your Thoughts Have Power

Thoughts have powers that you're usually not even aware of. It's common knowledge that your thoughts can control such "involuntary" physiological factors such as your heart rate and your digestion. What other effects might your thoughts have on your...
by Random thoughts On life on Jan 14, 2011

Thoughts Define Success

Success has many definitions, so think for a moment about what you consider to be true success. Then think of a person who, by your own definition, is successful. Think of what you know about that person, and you'll see that he or she possesses a cer...
by Random thoughts On life on Jan 13, 2011

Are Your Thoughts Helping Or Hurting You

It has been estimated that we think approximately one thoughts per second. That comes out to approximately 60,000 thoughts during the waking hours of each day. Now, stop and think about how many positive, empowering thoughts you've had in the last da...
by Random thoughts On life on Jan 12, 2011

Follow These Excellent Diet Tips To Lose Weight

Doctors prescribe different kinds of diet tips to different persons. It varies with their internal structures and body formations. Nonetheless, diet plan plans are the greatest way to get rid of excess weight rapidly. To obtain the greatest advantage...
by Exercises To Lose Belly Fat on Jan 11, 2011

The Effect Of Thoughts On Circumstances

Certainly your circumstances have an influence on your life. Just as important, though, is the way you perceive and respond to those circumstances, and that depends largely on the power of your thoughts.
by Random thoughts On life on Jan 11, 2011

The Power of Thought

The power of thought is something we generally take for granted. After all, thinking requires no physical effort so it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal. Thinking is an extremely big deal, though. It is a fundamental, essential and powerful abili...
by Random thoughts On life on Jan 10, 2011

5 Myths about the Fitness Exercises

There's always a lot of mis informed individuals out there who don't know jack about what their talking about! Because of these people we have some myths going around that I'm going take down today. Here's five of them!

The Science Of Listening Part 1

There are two sides to any kind of communication. On one side is the sender, and on the other side is the receiver. Both sides are critical if useful communication is to take place. Let us take a look at the receiving end of communication — lis...
by Random thoughts On life on Sep 7, 2010

Body Fat Loss Workouts – Turbulence Training

It’s perfectly possible to lose fat simply by exercising, but it takes quite a bit of time and effort. Remember, one pound of body fat is roughly equivalent to 3500 calories. Here are some tips that you can incorporate in your body fat loss wor...

Psychological Impact of Lap Band Surgery

Obesity is a real medical condition that affects about a third of the population of U.S. adults. Obesity is very serious; a chronic disease that may increase your risk of developing other serious conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and even...

Child Obesity – The Real Reason

Obesity is a growing problem in today’s world because of the growth of technology and peoples desire to do things faster and easier. We have many labor saving devices and entertainment, which do not require physical effort on our part, [...]Chi...

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