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Pink & Blue Music Angel

Music Angel are somewhat a craze these days, because of my friends and office mates had one. A portable multi-media speaker with good sound quality (hindi sya basag). It has a micro-sd slot, usb slot and an FM radio. Hubby bought the pink one fo...
by Deliciously Spicy Moments on Sep 8, 2012

cutie Friday: pink pedal car

  Is in so cute having a pedal car like this as a toy by your little angel. I am pretty sure my little princess cj will definitely like it. Actually its been a month a go, since she do mentioned to her aunt and god mother (which is my second s...
by princesscj haven on Aug 23, 2012

My Pink Fairy Backpack

My Little Zoie said she loves pink… I don’t know if I just influenced her of loving the pink color or not.  ^_^ I’m thinking that maybe I influenced her because I always buy her stuff, almost everything, 99% pink!  And one of them...
by Little Zoie's Steps on Jul 20, 2012

Colorful Hair Clips For Her

Since my Little Zoie is starting her school, I want her hair to look clean and proper as she goes to class.  So, last month when we went to Divisoria, I bought pairs and pairs of  hair clips Little Zoie can use. I also want to buy her headbands but...
by Little Zoie's Steps on Jul 12, 2012

Pink Fridays #23: Pink Hair brush and Mirror

Mommy bought me my own hair brush and small mirror a couple of months ago, but I haven’t shared it yet here in my blog. Now that I remembered, I want to share it with today’s meme, Pink Friday.   It is one of my favorite cartoon char...
by Little Zoie's Steps on Jul 5, 2012

Playing School Girl

My Little Zoie just started Kindergarten for this year’s school year.  And so far, she’s enjoying school very much she got to get a lot of stars on her first week. As for this week’s stars, well… let’s see. ^_^   C...
by Little Zoie's Steps on Jun 27, 2012

Sweet Pomelos

Last Friday I got 1 box full of sweet pomelo from Davao City. My very good friend Charry send these to her preggy friend ME. winks*Thanks so much my dear.
by Deliciously Spicy Moments on May 13, 2012

‘I Want This Book, Mom, Dad…’

Hubby and I decided to meet up at Festival Supermall to pay for our monthly utility bills yesterday. We planned on meeting up at National Bookstore so Little Zoie can wait comfortably. She loves books you know. ^_^ So while waiting she spotted a stor...
by Little Zoie's Steps on May 10, 2012

Hair Detangler

My hair is always a mess these days and it will be until August or September.  No rebonded hair for now, which I regularly do, maybe after I give birth I'll be rushing to one of the hair salon near our area. For now, I settle for a detangle...
by Deliciously Spicy Moments on May 4, 2012

My New Pink Water Bottle

I want to share this pink water bottle mommy bought for me last Tuesday when we were out strolling in the mall.  Actually, I wanted the yellow pom-poms but mommy talked to me about not needing it for the mean time.  :-( I don’t understand it...
by Little Zoie's Steps on May 3, 2012

Pink Vinca Flower

My last post was dated March 13, 2012 and I've posted a White Vinca Flower but wasn't able to post another vinca flower the following day because I had my internet discontinued because of transfer of residence. Now that I had a new connection my firs...
by January's Scraps of Life on Apr 15, 2012

Divisoria Fashion

My mom and dad went to Divisoria the other day to buy something that they need for the house but also made an unplanned purchase of Mia's dresses. One of which was a pink and white chiffon dress. A blue Dora dress. And a blue and yellow stripe...
by my being cRaZy... sometimes on Mar 4, 2012

Bike Riding at Sunken Garden

My first time at Sunken Garden was a kite flying activity, after that Lolo planned to go there again the next Sunday.  That plan didn’t push through because of the weather.  It was drizzling the next Sunday morning.  It pushed through on the...
by Little Zoie's Steps on Feb 27, 2012

Big and Small Feet ^_^

Mommy had a pedicure 2 weeks ago, she said she gave herself a little pampering.  Look, she even took a picture of our feet together… The big and small feet. ^_^ Does this means I still have a lot of food to eat to grow like mommy? Hmmm…...
by Little Zoie's Steps on Feb 17, 2012

My Birthday Party…

I just turned 4 years old last Sunday, and I’m thanking mommy and daddy for the birthday party they organized for me. ^_^ I know mommy said it wasn’t too much, but for me it was already a fun day for me.  I’m happy as long as my c...
by Little Zoie's Steps on Feb 10, 2012

Withering Beauty

by Living Life with Purpose on Feb 10, 2012

Sasha in Kiddie Olympics

This is my latest happiness.When Sasha dance this morning at Kiddie Olympics. Its their first to join a contest outside the school. Seeing her dancing like that brings so much joy to me.
by Wandering Thoughts on Feb 10, 2012

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