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Hear Matt’s Three Talks on “Questions People ask”

Recently Matt spoke at  Orewa Community Church, as part of their series on “Questions People ask”. His three talks: “How can there be just one religion?”, “How does God allow suffering?”, and “Hasn’t...
by MandM on Oct 29, 2015

Pow! There Goes A Pluralist Down

“Religious Pluralism (popular form, not academic) rejects the premise that God has revealed himself in any unique or definitive sense in Jesus Christ. On the contrary, God is said to be actively revealing himself in all religious traditions...
by factorysense on Jul 10, 2015

Journal of Religious Studies Now Available

The latest Journal of Religious Studies is now available through Cambridge Journals Online. One of several journals I follow, this edition doesn't have much that immediately interests me, but there are a couple of articles on the soul, problem of evi...

President Emphasizes Religious Freedom at National Prayer Breakfast

Welcome to the Morning Buzz, PRRI’s morning dose of religion-related news with a shot of data – because what doesn’t liven up a morning round-up like some public opinion numbers?  On Thursday morning, President Obama delivered his...

Was Coca-Cola Right? America’s Growing Religious Diversity

"It's Beautiful," a Coca-Cola advertisement shown during the Super Bowl, encapsulates American ethnic and religious diversity and has prompted a diversity of responses on social media. A recent PRRI survey shows the growing religious differences betw...

Should Creationism be Taught Alongside Evolution in Schools?

Today's Buzz covers controversy over a Coca-Cola ad, a possible path forward for immigration reform, and evolution v. creationism.

Where in America is Health Insurance Most Expensive?

Today's Buzz covers Facebook's 10th anniversary, a drop in the number of abortions in the United States, and what could be the end of American exceptionalism.

A Bipartisan Compromise on Immigration Reform?

Today's Morning Buzz covers why sports fans pray to God, the possible future of immigration reform in America, and Sikhs' efforts to build understanding of their faith!

What Are Younger Americans Doing on Facebook?

As Facebook marks its 10th anniversary tomorrow, founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg says the company is looking forward to another decade of “helping connect the rest of the world.” The site has already done a pretty thorough job of con...

The Morning Buzz | The Challenges (and Rewards) of Interfaith Marriage

Are interfaith marriages more challenging than most people suppose?

The Monolingual Indian

In a land with 18 official languages enshrined by the Constitution, 1652 natively different mother-tongues and over 30,000 dialects, it should be odd to find a monolingual citizen. But far from being an oddity, people like me are becoming the norm of...
by The Electronic Dialogue on Mar 18, 2013

Our Corner | Dr. Robert P. Jones at Duke University

Last month, Dr. Robert P. Jones spoke at Duke University on attitudes toward Muslims in America today. The full lecture is now available online.

E Pluribus, Nullus

Harnessing the religiously unaffiliated, a fast-growing but diverse demographic, may pose a challenge for America’s secular leadership...

Complicating Our View of the Religiously Unaffiliated

Media portrayals of the religiously unaffiliated – most recently, a series for NPR’s Morning Edition – are helping to illuminate the depth and complexity of the unaffiliated, although the story is somewhat more complicated than some initial ana...

The Morning Buzz | What Did the 2012 Election Teach Us About Polling?

While we're thoughtfully mulling over the lessons of 2012, what can we learn about polling in the wake of the recent presidential election? Cell phones, the virtues of internet polling, and more.

The Morning Buzz | Did 2012 Mark the End of the White Christian Strategy?

The 2012 election, according to PRRI CEO Dr. Robert P. Jones, was "the last where a white Christian strategy is workable."...

Figuring Faith | What the Campaigns Should Know About the Religiously Unaffiliated

The religiously unaffiliated are a rapidly growing but often misunderstood group, as Dr. Robert P. Jones outlines in his latest column for "Figuring Faith," his blog at the Washington Post.

The Morning Buzz | Marijuana Ballot Initiative in Colorado Could Draw Young Voters to the Polls

A ballot initiative on marijuana legalization in Colorado could draw large numbers of younger voters to the polls, creating a "bud bump" for Obama.

The Morning Buzz | Children Choose Atheist Summer Camp

Another sign that religious unaffiliation is taking root in America, especially among the younger generation: now children are going away to atheist summer camp.

A message to Pluralism Junkies from the BBC’s Religion Chief.

The Telegraph reported yesterday that the BBC’s Chief of Religion, Aqil Ahmed, has stated that he will not give in to pluralistic demands despite calls for the Sunday evening, Christian themed ‘Songs of Praise’ to become interfaith...
by DeanRoberts.Net on May 16, 2012

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