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Leading case law on power of attorney

Learned counsel pointed out that in these circumstances any act done by Dhanapal in relation to suit premises including creation of tenancy was an act done for and on behalf of A. Radhakrishnan. It was, therefore, urged that the tenancy was, as a fa...
by Law Web on Jan 29, 2016


Conservatorship Is a Conservatorship in the Offing? Perhaps you, like many families today, are finding yourself suddenly taking care of one or more parents who are incapacitated in some way and can no longer make their own health care or financial de...
by The Things Women Want on Nov 10, 2015

Bolton law firm offers top-notch personal injury representation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by         Press Release Distribution Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK – Kate Morris, who heads up Personal Injury Solicitors Bolt...
by Free PR Online on Jul 22, 2015

HSL-Hospital as a Second Language

I’m one of those people who loves words! I carry a notebook and pens. If I don’t have a notebook, I’ll use a napkin, receipt, anything that can capture a legible imprint of a writing utensil. I relish being able to add some words to...
by The Sick Advocate on Feb 14, 2015

Wait…What just happened?

“Yesterday mom and I went power shopping! We were going to go today too, but I couldn’t reach her on her cell phone. That’s not like her at all.” Enter the hospital. It’s not a place where everyone knows your name. In...
by The Sick Advocate on Feb 12, 2015

Power of Attorney: What It Is and Why You Should Care

A power of attorney is a legal document in which you authorize someone else to make business, legal, and medical decisions for you. The designated power of attorney should be someone who is well known and trusted by the one authorizing the document.
by P.I.S.S.D. on Jan 26, 2015

Sample Power of Attorney for bidder

Power of Attorney sample document for tender submissionAdvertisements Annexure- Power of AttorneyKnow by all men by these presents, We_________________________ (Name of the Bidder and address of their registered office) do hereby constitute, appoint...
by Master Adviser on Jan 5, 2015

Why Do I Need A Lasting Power Of Attorney?

What Is A Lasting Power Of Attorney? A ‘lasting power of attorney’ should be seriously considered when writing your Last Will and Testament. They go together like strawberry and cream, especially if you are going to the trouble of making a will.
by Talk Money Blog on Oct 28, 2014

What is Power of Attorney? How to Register it?

POWER OF ATTORNEY Power of attorney (POA) is a letter of attorney authorizing one to act on another’s behalf in legal affairs, business, or some other private matter. The person who is the donor of the power is known as principal… Conti...
by HelpForum on Feb 15, 2014

ICICI Bank PO Recruitment 2014 – Probationary Officers (PO)

ICICI Bank regularly conducts recruitment programmes for Probationary Officers from 2007 Onwards in collaboration with Manipal academy. Candidates successful in this recruitment process will be given training in banking domain by Manipal Academy and...
by bankingjobsresults on Dec 14, 2013

Enforceability of Teaming Agreements in Government Contracting After Cyberlock

Recently, I spoke to the Dulles Chamber of Commerce about the enforceability of government contracting teaming agreements after the decision in Cyberlock Consulting, Inc. v. Information Experts, Inc. A number of people were interested in receiving a...
by E-Commerce Law on Nov 7, 2013

Employer Social Media Policies May Violate National Labor Relations Act

On Saturday, Charity Price joined me on Power of Attorney to discuss how even a non-union employer's social media policy can be held to violate the National Labor Relations Act. Over the weekend, we published Charity's list of 10 dos and don'ts for e...
by E-Commerce Law on Oct 27, 2013

10 DOs and DON’Ts for Employer Social Media Policies

In recent years, the National Labor Relations Board has actively applied the National Labor Relations Act to social media policies. The Act exists to protect employees’ right to act together to address their terms and conditions of employment. What...
by E-Commerce Law on Oct 25, 2013

Enforceability of Teaming Agreements in Government Contracting After Cyberlock

Today, I spoke at the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce GovCon Luncheon on the enforceability of teaming agreements in government contracting after the recent decision in Cyberlock Consulting, Inc. v. Information Experts, Inc., ___ F.3d ___, 2013 W...
by E-Commerce Law on Oct 1, 2013

The South Delhi Property Market

Prices of homes in upscale South Delhi have dropped by 20 per cent-35 per cent over the last one year, with developers and cash-strapped investors offering big discounts to dispose off their assets in a slowing economy. Till about six months ago, dis...
by Wealthymatters on Sep 13, 2013

4 Often-Overlooked Steps to Starting an Online Business

Last month, Daniel Ingersoll joined me on Power of Attorney to discuss the process of starting an Internet business. As part of that discussion, Daniel outlined a number steps that are often overlooked by new entrepreneurs, who may have a great visio...
by E-Commerce Law on Jun 18, 2013

A Complete Guide to Buying Property in Portugal in 2013

The Purchaser’s solicitor will prepare a Contract of Purchase and Sale (the Promissory Contract) of the property and when this is signed by the purchaser he will have to pay over the agreed deposit and will then be legally bound to purchase the pro...

Future Planning When Capacity is An Issue: A New Deal

In my last blog post, I wrote about the messy business of overriding bad decisions that vulnerable loved ones sometimes make. The potential for anything from hurt feelings to fisticuffs is clear and present when families disagree with a vulnerable re...

Starting, Operating, and Exiting an Internet Business: Funding and Exiting an Internet Business

Last week's episode of Power of Attorney has been posted to the show's website. Listen to Eric Koefoot, co-founder and Managing Partner of Public Relay, discuss funding and exiting an Internet company. Power of Attorney airs again on Saturday at 10 a...
by E-Commerce Law on May 1, 2013

Starting, Operating, and Exiting an Internet Business: Common Mistakes and Internet Marketing

Last week's episode of Power of Attorney has been posted on the Power of Attorney website. In this episode, Eric Horvitz, Esq. and Daniel Ingersoll, Esq. discuss common mistakes made by Internet entrepreneurs. Then Zee Rahim stops by to discuss his e...
by E-Commerce Law on Apr 22, 2013

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