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European Medicines Agency (EMA) Committee Recommends Further Restrictions On Use Of Depakote / Depakene / Depacon By Women Of Childbearing Age

Cites Higher Risks Of Neural Tube Defects Like Spina Bifida, Hypospadias, And Other Birth Defects As Well As Increased Risk Of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Posted by Tom Lamb at More restrictions of the use of valproate drugs -- suc...
by Drug Injury Watch on Oct 14, 2014

Pregnant Woman Stoned to Death in Front of Pakistani High Court

     Jon Turley is reporting that a pregnant lady was stoned to death in front of the High Court in Pakistan this week.  Her crime? Wanting to marry the man she loved against the wishes of her family. The family called it an...
by The Political Spectator on May 29, 2014

Kim Kardashian Pregant Pics

Kim Kardashian Pregant Pics Kim Kardashian Pregant Pics...
by Kim Kardashian without makeup on Aug 29, 2013

Hello World!! Hello Adventure!! Hello Super Power Mother Around The World

is not me, but its look like me todayHi everybody, my name Adnan and i was the husband of a super power woman which give another Adnan jr. And now, my super woman is pregnant for my second sons, i hope she bring me a son. But its not a problem for me...
by Pregnancy? Good Luck! on Sep 21, 2012

After Having a baby

After Having a babyBEYONCÉWearing a hip-hugging orange Alice by Temperley dress and a pair of towering Christian LouboutinsNATALIE PORTMAN Right after wrapping Black Swan, the Oscar-winning actress announced she was expecting her first child with...
by Kim Kardashian without makeup on May 10, 2012

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