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Student Loan Refinance: Easing Your After-School Yoke

Knowing better about Student Loan Refinance. You will take the advantage after read it.
by Financial Planning on Jan 29, 2011

Poor Credits? The Government Student Loans Could Help You Out

Having a poor credit could prevent college-level students from having a proper education (read: unable to get student loan). Fortunately, the government has thought about it and came up with the No Cosigner student loans and No Credit Check student l...
by Financial Planning on Jan 28, 2011

Consolidate Private Student Loans

It is natural to consolidate the loans, compare to pay all the loans separately. You might not graduate from school, get the high-salary job and pay your other bills. But, this is exactly what lenders expect you to do. The best advantage of loan cons...

Non Profit Debt Consolidation – For All Your Financial Tensions

Spending money for unnecessary things can drop you into debt trap so easy. In other words, every day we are tempted to get a loan in various types, such as loan for home, vehicles, education etc with different rates available. Many people don’t wan...

Start managing your credit before you click at work

Many americans start assuming debt far too early, as many graduating college students are laden with over $20,000 in student loan debt alone. Add on consumer/credit card debt, and the average university student can be $25,000-35,000 in debt before he...
by on Aug 24, 2010

online college courses – Federal Government Grants – Free Government Grants – Free Grant Money

Federal Government Grants – Free Government Grants – Free Grant Money or release state Money in that online college courses Free federal chief owing to online college courses is available thanks to all students. firm comes weight the form...
by on Aug 23, 2010

How do I take out a private student loan?

Do I simply take my tuition bill with me to the bank (citi/chase) and say, I would like to to apply for a student loan?

What private student loan company does not require a cosigner?

I need $4,000 for tuition. Chase declined me because I didn’t have a cosigner. Where can I go to get a student loan by myself. I have a very good credit score and am 21 years old. I can’t get financial aid or anything involving th FASFA.

Refinancing my private student loan during the current economy?

I’m trying to find someone to refinance my student loan for a little more than $13,000. But so far nobody is accepting new consolidations because of the economy. Any ideas?

What Private Student Loan should i get?

I need at least $7000 more for college, and my last resort are private loans. I just wanted to know which ones are good. I intend on joining the military after college, so they should pay my loans off.

Does a private student loan count for tax purposes (claiming interest paid)?

As the question says – I have federal loans that are in deferment currently (not being paid and interest accruing) – and I’m currently paying only interest on my private loans…does that amount that I’m paying per month c...

Best private student loan lender today?

I need to take out a total of something like 40k in private loans. What’s the best lender to go to? My tuition is somewhat covered but I need money for other necessary expenses. Obviously looking for lowest interest rates, no fees, a decent gra...

Where is the best place for me to find a good private student loan? Help..??

I don’t qualify for federal loans, grants financial aid etc. I’m pretty much down to one option and that’s a private loan. Its either that or I drop out of college. Thank you in advance...

Could you recommend me good private student loan providing banks?

I receive very little amount of financial aid from fafsa. I need to find good trustworthy websites and banks that provide great private student loans for college students. Could you give me a list of them? thankx...

can I use a private student loan for this?

can I use a private student loan to purchase a horse for college? the equestrian program I am in strongly suggest bringing a horse to college with you, so I was wondering if I can.also which one would u suggest?

Cant find a cosignor for a private student loan?

Arent there companies or banks that can cosign for a loan for you, if you do not know anybody that can cosign for you?? I already have government aid, and i really must get a private loan in order to stay in school. Literally nobody in my family is c...

How can I remove a co-borrower on a private student loan?

My co-borrower wants off the student loan, is there anyway that can be accomplished? This a private student loan! Thank you.

Which private student loan company should I use?

I want to take out a private student loan to buy a used car, so i can go to school. I’m thinking about borrowing 5,000 dollars. Which private student loan lender should I use?

On average, how old must you be to get a private student loan?

I’ve seen a ton of different answers for this, so I decided I’d try my luck here. If you’re graduated but only seventeen, would you be able to get a private student loan? (Without or with a cosigner?)...

Can you get a private student loan with no credit check ?

Im looking to get a private student loan i am an undergraduate this is my first year ever going to college I am afraid im not going to have enough extra money for books,laptop, gas and food.. I will be a full time student at a county college. I quali...

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