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Blog Comments-Why not “I” Before “U”?

The title of this post may surprise readers. Especially the Why not “I” Before “U”? part since this blog appears to advocate a holistic approach to life. And particularly the old readers who may have read Banish the Ego Barrie...
by Evolve-Forever on Jul 20, 2011

Celebrating the Centum!

This post was published on March 20, 2011. I had included requests to readers to wish me in one of the many possible ways before concluding the post. I am now including the option to add a link any of your posts you consider your best/one of the best...
by Evolve-Forever on Mar 19, 2011

Mr. ‘Punish Your Enemies’ Wants Civility in Politics?

President Obama talked to progressive bloggers yesterday, which is kind of weird, BTW. The first question was about the liberal loon who got her head stomped by an overly zealous Rand Paul volunteer. This was Mr. “Punish Your Enemies” res...
by The Lonely Conservative on Oct 28, 2010

House of Commons: Shut it down! It ain't worth a damn!!

Last week, we had the guy with a gun at the WCB office in Edmonton and yesterday, we had hundreds of environmentalists shutting-down the House of Commons in Ottawa.Protesters disrupt question periodWith these latest ones, it seems 'civil-disobedience...
by JOHN PRINCE on Oct 27, 2009

Devil, meet Deep Blue Sea: how much should progressives spend reaching out to progressives?

I recently offered up an open letter to America’s progressive billionaires where I noted how much better conservatives have been historically at making best use of their intellectuals and at assuring that those laying the foundation for politic...
by Scholars & Rogues on Apr 9, 2009

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