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QuickBooks 2010 R3 product update released

QuickBooks have released a new product update, R3. The main changes appear to be concerned with fixing errors in paying high earning directors and providing the new 20% Vat rate in new company files. Over the next few days you should expect to see a...
by London QuickBooks on Nov 25, 2010

QuickBooks - Taxes 24/7/365

The reasons for putting off tax preparations are endless - and understandable. So tax filing deadlines may become the culmination of marathon sessions with your records, which can make mistakes more likely.Conscientious daily work habits - including...
by MBS Bookkeeping Blog on Nov 23, 2010

Changing Seasons, Changing Prices

Changing the prices of your company's services and inventory items can solve one of two problems, depending on why you're looking for a solution. Say your materials suppliers have upped their prices. You may choose to increase your affected products...
by MBS Bookkeeping Blog on Oct 11, 2010

QuickBooks 2006 payroll will not work next month

As mention back in June, QuickBooks 2006 payroll will not function after 30th September 2010. So if you are using QuickBooks 2006 then you need to upgrade to QuickBooks 2010 very soon. If you have bought a year’s subscription to QuickBooks payr...
by London QuickBooks on Sep 9, 2010

QuickBooks 2010 UK release R2 update

QuickBooks UK have released the first update to the UK version of QuickBooks 2010. According to QuickBooks UK this resolves the following issues • Supplier BACS Information can now be displayed in the Supplier Report. • Fixed an issue preventing...
by London QuickBooks on Jul 31, 2010

Why has QuickBooks hidden 2010?

Normally when you have a new product your marketing team make sure that the new product looks “new”. I think someone at Intuit must be sleeping. Nowhere on the outside of the QuickBooks 2010 CD box does it say “2010″. To find...
by London QuickBooks on Jul 7, 2010

QuickBooks 2010 has been released

QuickBooks 2010 has been released. The product can be purchased on line via the QuickBooks website Key features in QuickBooks 2010 Works with Windows 7 Multicurrency is included Improved VAT handling The software is available f...
by London QuickBooks on May 20, 2010

Upgrading to QuickBooks 2010? Important info

QuickBooks have produced a guide for people upgrading from earlier versions of QuickBooks. So if you are thinking of upgrading to QuickBooks 2010 please read this guide before you upgrade.
by London QuickBooks on May 20, 2010

QuickBooks 2010 release date and features

As I mentioned previously I have been beta testing QuickBooks 2010. QuickBooks 2010 beta testing is progressing very well. The exact release date has not yet been published but I would expect it to be within the next two or three weeks. I’d li...
by London QuickBooks on May 13, 2010

QuickBooks 2010 UK version is in Beta testing

The UK version of QuickBooks 2010 is now in Beta testing. Beta testing is a process were software is tested by a number of users to see if there are any problems before it is released for sale.  The good news is that multi-currency is now back in th...
by London QuickBooks on Mar 19, 2010

UK and USA versions of QuickBooks on Windows 7

Following on from my original post, I can report the following versions of QuickBooks are all working all working well with Windows 7:- UK version of QuickBooks Accountant 2006. This is working in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode. UK version of...
by London QuickBooks on Oct 15, 2009

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