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St Albans Race for Life 2016

This morning I completed my 10k for the St Albans Race for Life! It took me nearly 6 months of regular running, with I must admit, the past month off following an injury and a… View Full Post The post St Albans Race for Life 2016 appeared first...
by Being a Mummy on Jul 24, 2016

Trainers at the Ready!

A few years ago I decided to lose a bit of weight and get fit. Years of looking after babies had taken their toll and I realised that with 40 on the horizon I needed… View Full Post The post Trainers at the Ready! appeared first on Being a Mumm...
by Being a Mummy on Feb 17, 2016

Race For Life With Kiqplan And Fitbug Giveaway

Keeping fit and healthy is a crucial part of my life. Read more...
by Honest Mum on Jun 15, 2015

Bad week

So this week has been a bad week. On Wednesday night I had a nightmare and disassociated. I ended up in the kitchen somehow and got a knife. I stabbed myself in the chest and came to covered in blood. I cannot remember hurting myself at all which is...
by Fighting the fog on Jun 7, 2015

My first race for life.

Hi guys, you may have noticed I’ve been a tad quiet on social media the last few days. On Sunday just passed, I ran jogged my first ever 5k race. This won’t seem like much to some of you, I … Continue reading → The post My fir...
by Tiasmum12 on Jul 1, 2014

Me and B.O.B.

Who’s B.O.B I hear you ask? Meet my B.O.B revolution pro, my newt best friend and personal trainer. B.O.B arrived a few weeks ago, I was initially taken aback by how heavy the box was. I wasn’t expecting it to … Continue reading ...
by Tiasmum12 on Jun 11, 2014

Hi-tec Haraka trainers, full review.

I’ve had these trainers* for a while now. I wrote about my first impressions here if you want to have a look. I’ve been trying to go walking everyday, I occasionally jog now I have a running pushchair. I’ve not … Continue read...
by Tiasmum12 on Jun 5, 2014

Fitbug orb.

Hello, as some of you may know I’ve signed up for the race for life at the end of June. To help get me fit, Fitbug very kindly sent me a Fitbug orb* to help get me into shape. I’ve … Continue reading →...
by Tiasmum12 on May 20, 2014

Brioche Pasquier :- Review

Brioche Pasquier Review Brioche Pasuier sent me some of their …….. not sure what to actually call them, pastries, rolls both!   The pain au chocolat and the Ptich bars came individually wrapped so they are perfect for lunch boxes, no...
by Always Be A Friend on May 14, 2014

Hi-tec Haraka trainers, first impressions.

I recently have been sent a pair of Hi-tec Haraka trainers* to use for both my race for life and the training. These trainers have been designed to run in, they weigh hardly anything and almost mould themselves to my … Continue reading →...
by Tiasmum12 on Apr 7, 2014

What I Wear to Workout by Blogger Colette Cooper-Guest Post

By Colette Cooper As a woman, there’s something fundamentally wrong with the fact that my work-out clothes outnumber my ‘work’ …...
by Mummy's Got Style on Nov 14, 2013

Race For Life

Today I thought I would do something different, something to help others and to keep me around people. I volunteered to help at the local race for life where people run to collect money for research into cancer.I arrived nice and early and went to th...
by Fighting the fog on Aug 11, 2013

Silent Sunday

by Second Time Mummy on Jul 7, 2013

Race For Life – walking 10km with Lola

Last week I did the 10km Race for Life with Lola, my fabulous walking partner and it was an amazing experience. Lots of inspiring women gathered to support each other and loved ones in cancer journeys and raise amazing amounts … Continue readin...
by Ups and Pounds on Jun 30, 2013

Jorgie Porter hot 2013

This is a very amazing and stunning hot image collection of Jorgie Porter. I hope you will love this and stay tuned for more on Jorgie Porter hot 2013.
by JaiPals on Jan 15, 2013

Everything Has It's Way

I really do adore Katie Costello's music. I think The City In Me is my favourite EP from her. She recently released a new EP which I haven't purchased yet, but it's probably brilliant so you should go and listen to it. It's called "Follow Your Every...
by Time's What We Don't Have on May 14, 2012

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