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A glimpse into the future

Even though most of the technologies demonstrated here are already achievable, to have them so seamlessly integrated into our daily lives still seem rather futuristic. Would this be 5-10 years from now?
by K's Learning Diary on Nov 3, 2015


Personally, implanted RFID tags reminds me too much of the Hunger Games. However, many believes that implated technologies can genuinely improve our daily lives. Here are a few examples, look away if you are squeamish.
by K's Learning Diary on Nov 2, 2015

Tesla and its batteries

So many people have now mentioned to me about Tesla's plan to start rolling out it's ambitious, and increasingly cost-effective batteries that many thinks will have a big impact on the renewable energy market. (And some of those people are not even t...
by K's Learning Diary on May 18, 2015

Upcoming Challenges for Retail Banks

There is a very real sense that our high street big banks are about to enter into a new era (unwittingly for some) where the old and tested retail banking model is due for a dramatic (and painful) shake-up. Sadly, this comes just as our banks are abo...
by K's Learning Diary on Feb 25, 2015

Not to Give Up on Your Dream

A very inspiring story of a dreamer not unlike you and me. Life is definitely full of surprises. When the time does come, just make sure that you are readily prepared for the opportunity.There is a lot of passion when he sings this song (you will pro...
by K's Learning Diary on Feb 24, 2015

Flight Compression Socks

I come across all sorts of wonderfully weird ideas from time to time. Some of them is actually common knowledge, just that very few people take them seriously. I think this is possibly one of them.How many of you wear compression socks regularly, or...
by K's Learning Diary on Nov 15, 2014

Eyes, Eyesight, Vision

If you do some searches online and read on the subject of vision correction, you will soon find that other than the mainstream lens prescriptions, Specsavers. contact lenses, laser eye surgeries, there is another group of people that believe the eyes...
by K's Learning Diary on Oct 17, 2014

Fiscal/ financial year of a company

A friend told me today that their company's financial year starts and end in October. He reassured me this is actually quite common (is it?), I am not quite convinced.There are obvious reasons why most would choose April to be the month to end the fi...
by K's Learning Diary on Sep 28, 2014

Donations that charity shops do not accept

Popped into my local Oxfam shop this morning and overheard a conversation at the counter. A gentleman holding a bag of used home items seemed to be having trouble getting his donations accepted. I didn't know that charity shops actually turn down don...
by K's Learning Diary on Sep 16, 2014

Discover The Red Wine You’ll Like

There are many different flavours of wine, which ones would you like? Take this quiz and let us know if you like the wine recommended to you!According to this, I will enjoy Pinot Noir from Oregon.Now I just need to find myself a bottle!
by K's Learning Diary on Aug 15, 2014

Rent-A-Granny Service

You may have heard about renting a date, but do you know that these days you can also rent a granny? This rather creative babysitting service has proven quite popular in Europe, by pairing up busy parents and retired "grannies" with more spare time o...
by K's Learning Diary on Aug 15, 2014

Relaxing Meditation Music

I usually put this on when I am working from home, especially on weekends in the morning. After a while you kind of enters into monkey mode whilst being really focused on the task at hand. Often hours goes by and lots of work done without me really r...
by K's Learning Diary on Aug 14, 2014

Understanding Empathy

I wonder why this wasn't taught at school, because it's such an important skill and yet very few possess this ability or know what it is exactly. How to show support and be empathetic towards someone that is going through a difficult time? Next time,...
by K's Learning Diary on Aug 1, 2014

Visualization and How We Process Information

Chris Domas gives a phenomenal demonstration of the power of visualization and the fact that we are hard-wired to be better at processing images - a lot better than texts or 1s and 0s.This is something we kind of know through everyday experiences, bu...
by K's Learning Diary on Jul 4, 2014

Making Hard Choices

This is yet another great TED video that I wish I have seen a long time ago. The lessons of making hard choices. Why is it so difficult to make what we perceive to be 'difficult' choices? If the choices are difficult to make then perhaps none of them...
by K's Learning Diary on Jul 3, 2014

What can be done about Food Waste?

This BBC business report shows some staggering statistics of how much food is being wasted globally. And apart from household waste, a lot of food actually never made it to our fridge.It is encouraging to see individual farmers partnering with local...
by K's Learning Diary on Jul 3, 2014

Product Lifespan and Consumerism

I like the fact that every now and then there will be a preachy documentary or TV program that reminds us how wasteful we are - because we tend to forget. This BBC2 program 'Men that made us spend' asks some very valid questions. The companies of thi...
by K's Learning Diary on Jul 1, 2014

English Collective Nouns

Languages can be quite fun not just for communicating with the natives of that spoken language when we go on holidays but to get a feel of the history and traditions that influenced and culminated in the different expressions in their current use.&nb...
by K's Learning Diary on Jun 23, 2014

Cool Job: Contact Lens Painter

This has to be one of the coolest jobs that I know to date, and what a specialised job (only 10 of them globally? Talking about skill scarcity!). It seems to be a lot of fun and thanks to these artists, characters in films get to have all sorts of di...
by K's Learning Diary on Jun 23, 2014

Differences between an Antelope and a Deer?

To be honest, I have no idea what an antelope is, as I have never seen one (which is why I decided to do a little search and document it here). According to the main differences between an antelope and a deer are:The most prominent differ...
by K's Learning Diary on Jun 22, 2014

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