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Something Else! exclusive stream: Michael Dease, “Roppongi” from Relentless (2014)

Mihcael Dease's big band take on "Roppongi" breathes new life into this little-noticed Randy Brecker gem.
by Something Else Reviews on Jun 21, 2014

The Fusion Syndicate, with Billy Cobham, Larry Coryell, Billy Sherwood – The Fusion Syndicate (2012) Widgets Billy Sherwood, both with Yes and on his recent helming of the Prog Collective, has already established himself as a staunch advocate for the 1970s’ signature rock style. So why shouldn’t he do the same with 1970s jazz?
by Something Else Reviews on Oct 14, 2012

‘Intense music being played by very cool people’: Billy Sherwood takes us inside The Fusion Syndicate

The forthcoming Fusion Syndicate finds Yes alum Billy Sherwood exploring his lesser-known passion for free-form instrumental sounds associated with Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return to Forever. As with his recent Prog Collective album,...
by Something Else Reviews on Oct 10, 2012

Lagu ciptaan SBY dimainkan di Java Jazz

Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (FOTO ANTARA)Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Lagu ciptaan Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) dibawakan oleh musisi jazz Jeff Lorber dan Jeff PescettoContinue Reading »...
by on Mar 3, 2012

Jeff Lorber Fusion – Galaxy (2012)

Keyboardist, composer, producer, arranger and bandleader Jeff Lorber has been propagating fusion jazz for so long, the term “Jeff Lorber Fusion” seems almost redundant. Long dismissed by jazz purists and “heavier” fusion fans...
by Something Else Reviews on Jan 23, 2012

Ronnie Cuber baritone sax, Bill Evans, Randy Brecker.

by Connor Anderson Pictures on Mar 31, 2011

Something Else! Featured Artist: Grover Washington Jr.

by Something Else Reviews Credit, or discredit, the late Grover Washington Jr. with setting the template for the whole smooth jazz thing. There was always more to him than that. Really. For all of the knocks he's taken, dig deeper into Washington a...
by Something Else Reviews on Feb 28, 2011

Brecker Brothers Live In Barcelona - Some Skunk Funk

Now here's a song which is always taken faster live. Listen to the recording and then this and you'll find there is a huge difference. And the great part is that there are even faster shows than this on YouTube.So why did I pick this one, you ask? Th...
by Jazz Videos Online on Oct 5, 2010

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