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Gamer Razer Edge Pro, Tablet Windows 8 Prosesor Interl core i7 Layar 10 Inch

Tablet Gamer Razer Edge Pro Tablet Razer Edge Pro ,Tablet ini berjalan dengan sistem operasi Windows 8.Tablet ini juga dapat digunakan sebagai laptop dengan meletakkan dockingnya, tidak hanya itu tablet Razer ini memiliki empat mode yaitu mode tablet...
by Pusat Info Gadget on Jul 11, 2013

Razer Edge Tablet Windows 8 untuk Gamer

Perangkat komputer hybrid seperti penggabungan antara notebook dan tablet sudah banyak diproduksi. Namun berbeda dengan perangkat ini, dengan menggunakan system operasi Windows 8 dan grafis Nvidia ditambah kontroler game unik dan docking khusus untuk...
by Jaringan Lokal on Apr 4, 2013

Gaming Tablet: Razer Edge Pro gets reviewed.

   The Razer Edge Pro has arrived and Reviewed.     Well the reviews are in on the Razer Edge Pro and after watching a few reviews It appears to have more pro’s than cons but I will leave that final decision up to you. Although I wasnR...
by Ninja Nerds on Mar 29, 2013

Razer Edge: Tablet PC with Intel Core i5 Processor & Nvidia GT 640M for Real Gamer

It feels incomplete if a tablet can not be a reliable gaming machine. To answer these needs, the Razer officially confirmed that they will soon release a gaming tablet with type of Edge and Edge Pro Windows 8 as of March 1, 2013. The tablet is design...
by New Gadgets Leak on Mar 1, 2013

Razer Edge and Razer Edge Pro – First Tablet Built for PC Gamers

CES 2013 showed the world a bunch of outstanding gadgets and gizmos, one in particular caught our eye. The Razer Edge and the Razer Edge Pro. These are the world’s first tablets designed for PC gamers, it is a 10 inch Windows 8 powered tablet,...
by iDrugged on Jan 16, 2013

Gadget Game Terbaik CES 2013

Gadget Game Terbaik CES 2013 -  Game portabel bukan lagi berita menarik, sejak GameBoy hadir pada 1989, namun ada gerak evolusi baru yang menghadirkan perangkat kaya fitur dan didesain khusus untuk penikmat game. Berikut ini tiga model game kons...
by on Jan 12, 2013

In depth: How gaming stole the headlines at CES 2013

Forget television, forget mobile phones and tablets and definitely forget white goods - this CES was all about gaming, with Las Vegas' most exciting gadgets not made by Samsung, Panasonic or Sony, but by Nvidia and Razer. This is already set to be a...
by Cnet Analysis on Jan 11, 2013

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