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Paint Colour Could Affect Your Property Value

Refreshing the whole house exterior is a big task, which is required every 8-10 years. It can be costly and timely, so you want it done professionally to ensure it will last!Getting paint colours and combinations right 'can make or break a house. Get...
by Premier Painting Company Blog on Apr 24, 2013

Sydney and Northern Beaches Residential painting services

Premier Painting Company provides painting services to the tune of the client’s desire. The company workforce is dedicated to fulfilling needs of their customers. This is done through a stringent vetting process in recruitment process, ensuring onl...
by Premier Painting Company on Jul 27, 2012

Commercial Painting Services - Sydney and all over NSW

Premier Painting Company is an active member of Master Painters Australia and offers 18 years of experience in painting residential and commercial property in Sydney and all over NSW. We have earned an excellent reputation in the painting and de...
by Premier Painting Company Blog on Jul 13, 2012

Calculating Paint to be Used for Your House

Transferring to a new house previously involves many work and it is forced even a lot more complex when re-painting is needed. Doing so demands a comprehensive calculation by <strong>Florida paintersstrong> on the overall amount of wallpa...
by Window Replacement Alpharetta on Jun 10, 2011

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